Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
You will no longer find headphones in the boxes of Xiaomi and Apple smartphones

The measure had come into force in recent days, it will be applied directly by Xiaomi and Apple.

You will no longer find headphones in the boxes of Xiaomi and Apple smartphones

It didn’t take long for smartphone makers to apply the new rules.

As a reminder, since 2010, in France, manufacturers are required to provide headphones in the box of their smartphones. The idea behind this law was to allow users to limit exposure to radioelectric emissions through hands-free kits. However, this rule has disappeared.

In 2021, a bill intended to “reduce the environmental footprint of digital in Francewas voted by the Parliament (National Assembly + Senate), we talked about the tax on private copying on refurbished smartphones. Article 14 quater, introduced by the deputies of the National Assembly after the first reading, indicates that manufacturers must simply guarantee “the availability of headphones compatible with the terminal model during its marketing period.” In other words: it is no longer necessary to sell a smartphone with headphones delivered in the same box.

Xiaomi and Apple open the ball

This is now a rule applied at Xiaomi (January 17) and soon at Apple (January 24) on new smartphones sold. This saves them the overpacking associated with adding headphones that were not sold like this in other markets. It’s also a way to save some extra money… obviously.

After the power supply (charger), we can say goodbye to the headphones as well from January 17 đź‘€
As of this date, Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers will have the right to stop including them.

— iManPro (@iManProYT) January 20, 2022

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