Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
Xiaomi's small portable photo printer is 20% off during the individual day

Among the plethora of Xiaomi products, we find the Mi Pocket Photo Printer: a smartphone photo printer that stands out for its aggressive price. Today, it is even more interesting from 59.99 euros to only 45.99 euros.

In the market for small smartphone photo printers, we generally find brands like Canon or Fujifilm dominating. But that’s without counting on Xiaomi, which puts stone in its building and offers its Mi Pocket Photo Printer. A compact, simple and efficient photo printer to attract as many as possible, especially for its moderate price compared to the competition. She is currently 15 euros cheaper.

What is the Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer?

  • A photo printer for smartphones
  • Compact and easy to use
  • With multiple modes and features
  • Not to mention the attractive price.

Sold at 59.99 euros, Xiaomi’s portable photo printer sees its price drop on the occasion of the Single Day thanks to a seller coupon and the SDXFR43 promotion code on AliExpress. She is now available at 45.99 euros.

Ease of use and compact size

Xiaomi’s portable smartphone printer is designed to fit in your pocket. It has small dimensions, 124 x 85 x 24.6 mm, and weighs only 181 grams so you can take it with you everywhere. The Mi Pocket Photo Printer has a 500 mAh battery that can print around twenty photos. A battery that is recharged with a micro-USB cable, because unfortunately there is no USB-C here.

To start it, simply connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Note that the printer can be shared among multiple people, as up to three devices can be connected to it simultaneously, allowing you to create a print queue.

Against the competition, image rendering is less good, with colors relatively muted, but details present. It is especially for the price that the Xiaomi Mi pocket photo printer is interesting.

With interesting options for the price.

To print the photos, it relies on Zero Ink or ZINK technology, literally “Without ink”. It will take 45 seconds per sheet to get the final render. The capacity of the paper tray is ten sheets, but Xiaomi sells the refill with 20 sheets for less than 17 euros. Sheets measure 50 by 76mm and have an adhesive backing for easy sticking to a wall or other location.

Xiaomi personalizes your impressions with its Mi Home application. Through the latter, you will be able to create collages, cutouts, add filters, text and edit your photos before printing them. In addition, it is possible to associate a 15-second video to each impression. How ? By scanning the printed photo with the application we can automatically see the associated video in augmented reality. It can also be an audio message, in short, something to preserve memories in an original way.

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