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Xiaomi's new air purifier is already on sale (-20%)

Xiaomi offers good references for air purifiers, which also have the advantage of having a better value for money than the competition. The new Smart Purifier 4 Lite is also at 159 euros instead of 199 euros.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite
Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite // source: xiaomi

There are news on the side of air purifiers at Xiaomi. The manufacturer offers three new models that take up the qualities of their predecessors by bringing some new features. The cheapest of them, the Smart Purifier Air 4 Lite, is still a good solution to improve the quality of the air in the home, especially since it benefits from the improvements introduced in this new generation. Good news : already loses 40 euros of its original price.

The Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite in a nutshell

  • Filters up to 99.97% of fine particles
  • In a large area, with a silent mode
  • With more advanced features

Instead of a crossed out price of 199 euros, Xiaomi offers the Smart Air Purifier 4 Lite for sale at 159 euros only on your site.

A more sustainable air purifier

Xiaomi’s Smart Purifier 4 Lite borrows the same design as previous models, with a white coating and a square format. The Chinese manufacturer boasts of offering a space-saving air purifier that would be smaller than an A4 sheet. In fact, this device will easily find its place and will integrate perfectly with all decorations. It has the advantage of looking quite sober and elegant and is forgotten once the silent mode is activated.

As for these functions, nothing new in terms of its ability to filter fine particles up to 99.97%. The brand has also improved the filter whose activated carbon absorption rate is 1.8 times higher than that of the Xiaomi 3C model. Result: the purifier will effectively remove odors from your home so you always have fresh air. The filter of the Smart Purifier 4 Lite is also more robust with a duration of 6 to 12 months so as not to change it regularly. For the rest, its 360° air intake is capable of capturing dust, fine particles, pollen, animal dander responsible for allergies, bacteria, etc. Depending on the brand, it occupies an area of ​​25-43 m².

Remotely configurable, with extensive data

The presence of this purifier should help relieve allergies and asthma symptoms. And, if you want to control the air purifier without being near it, you can do it thanks to the Mi Home application, which will contain a lot of practical data collected in real time. Xiaomi now offers the possibility to order a new filter when it starts to get old.

From the application you will be able to adjust the modes according to the area of ​​the room, program the on and off times, or even monitor the quality of the ambient air detected in your home. It also has an LED display that will allow you to see real-time indoor temperature and humidity readings, as well as information on Wi-Fi status and operating mode. A light circle will even make your task easier as it will change color depending on the air quality.

Finally, compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa to activate the purifier using your voice is also up for grabs.

The best models of purifiers of the moment

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