Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
Xiaomi's future car could travel more than 1,000 kilometers on a single charge

Xiaomi’s first car, to be made official soon, will be equipped with batteries supplied by CATL and BYD. It will be available in two versions.

Creative illustration of a possible Xiaomi Auto car

We begin to learn a little more about Xiaomi’s future electric car, whose first prototype could be unveiled soon. If its launch could be delayed due to the administrative difficulties faced by a Chinese government that is slow to give the green light, new information has just been revealed in this regard. And above all what will hide under the body of it.

Two separate batteries

In fact, according to the Chinese site 36kr broadcast by CnEVpost, the first car designed by the tech giant should be equipped with batteries supplied by CATL and BYD. If at the moment we still know very little about this newcomer, which may allow the brand to catch up with Nio, Xpeng or Li Auto, one thing seems certain: two versions will be offered.

The former will be powered by BYD’s “Blade” LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery. Introduced in 2020, this technology features thinner cells that form an unprecedented structure, dramatically improving capacity. In addition, this type of battery would be safer and would present less risk of fire, thanks to a larger surface exposed to cooling. It is this type of battery that could reach the Tesla Model Y that the Berlin factory should produce in the coming weeks.

1000 km of autonomy and 10 minutes of charging

The high-end version will carry the Qilin battery developed by the CATL company with NMC technology.. Announced a few months earlier, it promises to offer better performance compared to other technologies on the market. Distinguished in particular by the cells integrated directly into the chassis, it should in particular allow vehicles equipped with them to travel up to 1,000 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle, which differs from our European WLTP in being a little more optimistic.

CATL Qilin
CATL Qilin

This will only require about ten minutes to go from 10 to 80%. In addition, this battery benefits from a more efficient and higher density cooling system.

Launch in 2024

Nevertheless, Xiaomi is likely to make some small changes to these batteries according to rumors. Therefore, it is difficult to predict what the charging time and autonomy of the brand’s future electric car will be. In any case, this one has great ambitions with this project worth 10 billion dollars, desired by Xiaomi’s own co-founder, Lei Jun. In fact, the latter wants to diversify the activities of his company, for the moment quite well known for their smartphones.

Once the Chinese firm has had the green light from the authorities to launch, the production of the car, whose name is not yet known, should not take too long. Indeed, its launch would be scheduled for 2024, while at the Beijing factory no less than 300,000 copies per year should be produced. Later, other models should come to enrich the range, which should be made up of four vehicles in total, specifically two mid-range and two others positioned a little higher.

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