Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
Xiaomi's connected speaker is sold at -35% during the French Days

Less expensive than most connected speakers on the market, Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Speaker becomes even more affordable during the French Days. Its price ranges from 59.99 euros to 38.98 euros only.

Xiaomi's connected speaker is sold at -35% during the French Days

In the world of connected speakers dominated by Google and Amazon, we also find the Chinese giant Xiaomi with its Mi Smart Speaker. The speaker with a modern look, offers powerful sound and integrates the Google Assistant, all for a contained price. The competition better watch out, especially now that she loses 20 euros of her price on the occasion of the French Conference.

The main thing to remember about the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

  • An imposing enclosure
  • With the Google Assistant
  • A powerful 12W speaker
  • DTS-compatible

Previously offered at 59.99 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is now available at 38.98 euros at Electro Dépôt.

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A speaker that takes up space, but elegant

If some competitors bet on products in mini format, for its first connected speaker Xiaomi designs a quite imposing product. At 10 cm tall and 15 cm wide, the Mi Smart Speaker is not very inconspicuous. However, thanks to its rather minimalist white metallic cladding, it will manage to blend in with your interior. Its design is not only aesthetic, but also robust to avoid tremors that plastic can cause when the volume is pushed to the maximum.

With good sound power

As for the audio characteristics of the speaker, it is a 12 W speaker, which delivers an estimated sound power of up to 75 dB according to Xiaomi. The speaker also supports the DTS format for clearer background sound. And if you want to enjoy even more effective stereo sound, it is always possible to pair two speakers. The Mi Smart Speaker is also equipped with a microphone with which you can make all kinds of voice requests.

Because yes, the speaker comes with Google Assistant natively integrated. A ring of light, like the one found on Echo speakers, will activate as soon as the speaker performs a task. You can then ask questions, control your many connected objects, or play music through different streaming platforms, such as Deezer, YouTube Music, or Spotify. Thanks to its compatibility with Bluetooth, it is even possible to connect your smartphone/tablet to use other services.

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