Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
Xiaomi's connected speaker benefits from a 20% reduction during the French Days

Smart speakers are getting cheaper and that’s partly thanks to Xiaomi. On the occasion of the French Days in September, its Smart Speaker IR Control goes from 49.99 euros to 39.99 euros.


To enjoy your music anywhere in your home, the best solution is to use connected speakers, for example through Google Home. This may be the opportunity to venture there without taking any risk as The Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control loses 10 euros during the French Days on the Cdiscount site.

What is Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control?

  • A very affordable connected speaker
  • Google Assistant Compatibility
  • An infrared sensor to control objects that are not connected

Traditionally we find the Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control at a price of 49.99 euros, but during the French Days its price loses 10 euros to reach 39.99 euros on the Cdiscount site.

Google Assistant Compatibility

This Xiaomi connected speaker integrates the Google voice assistant. This allows you to make voice commands through the two built-in microphones to control music, check the weather or information, or even use your connected devices. In addition, it is a device with integrated Chromecast, which allows you to do without the Bluetooth connection and play streaming music faster.

The special thing about the Smart Speaker IR Control is that it has infrared control. According to Xiaomi, this makes it possible to control devices that also work in infrared and are not connected (up to 10 meters away).

A connected speaker from Xiaomi that also serves as an alarm clock

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is equipped with an LED screen that shows the time. This speaker can also act as a connected alarm clock. When setting the alarm, you can choose the song you want. The good point to give Xiaomi is that this screen can adapt its brightness, which prevents it from dazzling you when you are in the dark.

On the audio side, if you equip yourself with two Smart Speaker IR Control, you can combine them to enjoy stereo sound. Through the Mi Home or Google Home app, you can enjoy an audio system multiple room if you have several of these speakers. A sound that can be enjoyed everywhere as each speaker can project it 360 degrees thanks to a 1.5-inch speaker.

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