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Xiaomi's air pump is a must, especially with a 40% discount - Frandroid

In the category of accessories to prioritize for your daily commute, the Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump 1S occupies a prominent place. This is available cheaper on AliExpress, at 38.30 euros instead of the 59.99 euros that it asked for on the manufacturer’s website.

Have you just bought an electric bicycle, a scooter or a simple scooter and do not know what accessories to prioritize to make your trips with complete peace of mind? For us there is no photo, the Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump 1S is by far the most essential accessory. This electric air pump can get you out of a jam in no time and effortlessly. It is currently available in a lower price thanks to this discount of almost 40% on the occasion of Single’s Day.

Why is the Xiaomi air pump indispensable?

  • Thanks to its compact size and easy to transport
  • Because you can quickly inflate your tires effortlessly
  • Because it is also capable of monitoring tire pressure

Instead of 59.99 euros on the official website, the Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump 1S is now available only 38.30 euros on AliExpress. To get this price, simply enter the promo code SDXFR35 before paying for your order.

The Xiaomi Mi Air Pump 1S comes out at 38.30 with the promo code // Source: Screenshot on AliExpress.

A mini and ultra practical format

Xiaomi is definitely on all fronts, even where you least expect it. And one of its most demanded products at the moment is none other than this versatile electric breast pump. Despite its size, it is capable of inflating all types of tires: bicycle, car or motorcycle and scooter, but also balloons and other accessories equipped with an inner tube. It is capable of automatically inflating an object with a pressure of 10.3 bars.

There are five different inflation modes available, each with preset air pressure values ​​and preventing over-inflation. Nothing could be simpler to use, simply insert the nozzle into the air inlet and press the single button to automatically inflate. Despite its weight of only 480 grams, you can take it on board on your travels in a backpack.

The device itself is equipped with a digital LED screen that displays essential information so you don’t have to intervene. Navigation is very simple through the main button. Here you can select the preset parameters and follow the progress of the air fill. You can also define a maximum pressure so that the pump stops automatically when it is reached. Xiaomi has even thought of everything since the air pump also has a very useful LED bulb in case of a puncture in the middle of the night.

Effective and durable

The 1S has a little effect, because it has a good performance. It only takes 2 minutes to inflate a bicycle tire and 5 for a car or motorcycle tire. In addition, the pump has a 14.8 Wh battery and a charging time of less than 3 hours. The Xiaomi Mi 1S Portable Air Pump It comes with other accessories like valve, detachable needle, USB-C power cable and storage bag.

What other accessories?

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