Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Xiaomi's 65W dual-purpose charger drops to less than 30 euros

The Mi 65 W Fast Charge is Xiaomi’s fast and compact charger. Now you benefit from a very interesting promotion on the brand’s official website, going from 49.99 euros to just 29.99 euros.

My 65W fast charge

The fast charge Mi 65 W // Source: Xiaomi.

Xiaomi is competing with Oppo in the field of fast chargers. The Mi 65 W Fast Charge is not your fastest solution, where the prize would go more to its charger of up to 120 W, but it is already very efficient, especially since it offers the possibility of recharging both your smartphone and your laptop. we found it right now with an immediate 40% discount.

My 65W fast charge, what is it?

  • A fast charger that offers up to 65 W of power
  • Compact thanks to gallium nitride technology
  • Can charge a phone or laptop

Instead of the usual 49.99 euros, the Xiaomi Mi 65 W Fast Charge fast charger is now available for sale for only 29.99 euros on the brand’s official website.

Tiny, but very powerful.

The Mi 65 W Fast Charge is one of those fast chargers that incorporate gallium nitride (GaN) technology, here third generation. Compared to a conventional charger with silicon, this semiconductor material provides greater efficiency – up to 30%, depending on the brand – and considerable space savings. As a result, the Xiaomi charger is an ultra-compact product that is easy to carry and offers great charging power.

For smartphones and laptops

To ensure good performance, the cable must be connected to the only USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 output on the power supply. You can then very quickly recover battery percentages on your favorite devices, smartphones or laptops, but keep in mind that not all products are in the same boat and therefore will not receive the same degree of power.

In fact, Xiaomi indicates that a compatible laptop will be able to take full power at 65 W, but a phone equipped with a USB-C port will be able to receive a maximum of 50 W. For the latter, it is still comfortable. and the Chinese brand indicates that its Mi 10 Pro is capable of recovering 100% of its energy in 45 minutes, for example. But obviously this number will be different depending on the model and brand of your smartphone.

Which fast charger to choose?

To discover the models that we recommend at Frandroid, we now invite you to consult our guide to the best fast chargers for your smartphone in 2022.

What are the best fast chargers for your smartphone?

From Apple to Oppo via Samsung and Xiaomi, most smartphone manufacturers today offer technologies that allow you to quickly charge your smartphone battery: Quick Charge, Fast Charge, Power Delivery, etc.
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This article was translated from this source written by Romain Ribout

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