Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022
Xiaomi: two new pairs of very affordable headphones with active noise reduction

It’s hard not to find a plethora of wireless earphones from every manufacturer. There are so many references that it is very difficult to choose! Xiaomi, through its Redmi brand, has also added two new pairs.

It’s not about leaving the wireless headphone market to Apple alone. On the contrary, the competition in this segment is extremely fierce, so much so that the announcements of new products follow one another without resemblance. This is the case of Xiaomi, which has unveiled two new references of its Redmi brand.

Noise reduction for everyone

the shoots 4 Y Shoots 4 Pro they have one thing in common: active noise reduction. This is a change from the previous range, as only the Buds 3 Pro were entitled to this feature. No one will complain! On the other hand, the manufacturer distinguishes the two new models by the fact that the noise reduction power is not the same: 35 dB in the Buds 4, against 43 dB in the Buds 4 Pro.

Buds 4 Pro. ©Xiaomi

Another similarity between these two pairs is the IP54 certification for resistance to water and dust. Xiaomi has improved its headphones on several other points. The Buds 4 have a 10mm composite diaphragm which should improve the quality of audio playback. Above all, this model offers more autonomy than its direct predecessor with a total of 6 hours on a charge, or 30 hours recharging with the case. It’s not bad at all !

Buds 4. © Xiaomi

The Buds 4 Pro make it even better with a record 9 hours of battery life for each earbud and 36 hours with the case! This model shows support for Bluetooth 5.3, instead of Bluetooth 5.2 for the Buds 4. The latency is reduced to 59 ms, which will allow you to play in relatively good conditions.

Buds 4. © Xiaomi

Prices are 199 yuan for the Buds 4, or about 28 euros. The Buds 4 Pro are priced at 399 yuan (56 euros). Xiaomi has not announced a launch in Europe and France, but it is not impossible that these products will appear in the coming months.

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