Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Xiaomi: the latest 27-inch 165 Hz 2K gaming monitor is 40% off

On the gaming PC screen side, Xiaomi is diversifying more and more and offers a new reference: the Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27”. It has something to please, especially when its price goes from 499 euros to 299 euros.

Xiaomi: the latest 27-inch 165 Hz 2K gaming monitor is 40% off
Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27” // Source Xiaomi

Slightly installed in the segment of PC screens dedicated to gaming, Xiaomi adds a new reference to expand its catalog. Less imposing than its 34-inch ultra-wide screen, the Chinese firm is committed to a more classic format with very honorable features, to adapt to both gaming and office use. It has good arguments to put forward, such as its price that becomes more affordable thanks to this discount of 200 euros in its price.

Xiaomi Monitor Highlights

  • A 27-inch IPS LCD panel in QHD definition (2560 x 1440 pixels)
  • A refresh rate that goes up to 165 Hz
  • Fast response time, only 1 ms

Launched at a price of 499 euros, today it is possible to get the Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27″ for only 299.99 euros from the fnac Y dart thanks to a cumulative discount ODRvalid until May 3, 2022.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, check below to find other offers for the Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27. The table is updated automatically.

A minimalist monitor, with good resolution

Generally, the aesthetics of a gaming PC screen is not sober or delicate. However, it is Xiaomi’s choice with its Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27, which bets more on a simple look. Once placed on your desk, it will be discreet and save space in your workspace. Designed to be ergonomic, you can adjust its height, its angle of rotation, tilt, pivot or even fix it to the wall according to your needs.

The screen is certainly not curved, its 27-inch diagonal with its thin borders on 3 sides provides good immersion. We are entitled to an IPS panel that offers a 178° ultra-wide angle view to show more details. In terms of resolution, Xiaomi’s screen offers a QHD definition of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It is a very popular resolution among PC gamers, as it allows you to benefit from excellent image quality with vivid and well-detailed colors.

Strong Features to Satisfy Gamers

Of course, this monitor may be suitable for content creators, who edit videos for example, but it is specially designed for gamers. It has a high refresh rate of 165 Hz, to have fluid images. This is very useful in games that require good responsiveness – FPS type. To stay ahead of other gamers, the monitor offers a response time of just 1 millisecond. This ensures that you are always at the right moment in games that require excellent reflexes.

Although it lacks the usual VRR technologies from AMD and Nvidia, the Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27 does feature Adaptive-Sync technology. Once activated, the latter will eliminate screen tearing and lag times in order to deliver a smooth and stable gaming experience. Finally, the connection consists of a DisplayPort, an HDMI port in addition to USB and an audio output to connect your speakers or headphones.

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