Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
Xiaomi Smart Speaker: the connected speaker that brings fresh news

It cannot be said that the connected speaker sector has changed much in recent months. Multi-room products are very similar: the difference is usually not related to features, but to the ecosystem and sound quality. Xiaomi has just published the Xiaomi Smart Speaker product sheet that offers some fresh news.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control // Source: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is a new speaker with a compact size that will definitely be released in the coming weeks. The device just appeared directly on the brand’s official international website. As you can see, it’s a compact speaker that still weighs 628 grams. Integrates Google Assistant, which makes it a connected speaker.

Do not expect extraordinary sound, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is equipped with a 1.5-inch speaker that is tilted so that the sound is projected 360 degrees.

An infrared transmitter to control unconnected objects

A curious function that Xiaomi has integrated into this small connected speaker is infrared control. The infrared emitter module, associated with the Google Assistant, allows voice control of certain compatible devices. This makes it possible to manufacture certain conventional devices, such as a ventilator, ” smart“.

Xiaomi cites certain equipment compatible with this function, such as the Epson EMP-1710 and HITACHI HCP-810X projectors, the KFR-50GW/N1A air conditioner, the 65-inch Mi LED TV 4S or the 50-inch Mi TV P1. There are already many solutions to connect infrared products, but this requires a dedicated device such as this module. So Xiaomi has found a handy feature to add to a connected speaker.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control // Source: Xiaomi

Another interesting function integrated in the Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is the possibility of using two speakers to form a stereo system. On the other hand, the Xiaomi platform allows multiroom by connecting several speakers to each other for synchronized playback throughout the house. It’s even possible to make hands-free calls using the Google Duo service.

If you are using a device that does not support Google Chromecast, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker also has Bluetooth.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control // Source: Xiaomi

Finally, you have surely noticed that this speaker also has LEDs to display the time. This allows it to become clock radio connected. Please note that the brightness of the screen can be adjusted so as not to disturb you in a dark environment.

At the moment no price or availability date has been announced, Xiaomi has just published a product sheet.

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