Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker IR Control

Seen at the beginning of the year, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker begins to hit the market. Its peculiarity? It offers infrared control that allows you to interact with many non-connected devices.

Very active in the smartphone market, Xiaomi is also active in the connected objects market. The Chinese brand offers a wide range of products, including connected speakers. the Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control It is part of this movement and, as its name suggests, it has a curious characteristic. Smart speakers with the Google Assistant typically revolve around two features. One is to respond to certain commands and the other is to stream music.

An infrared emitter to make conventional devices “smart”

Xiaomi wants to go further with its latest compact speaker. Equipped with Google Assistant, it has connected features and can control a TV or other devices using its infrared transmitter. Its presence allows the Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control to control a large number of electronic devices, even if they are not connected. Many televisions, some air conditioners or fans can thus become “intelligent” devices by coming into contact with the speaker. Specifically, the loudspeaker is located in the heart of the house to act as a remote control. In this sense, it could take over from the Harmony universal remotes.

By the way, the Xiaomi device works like any speaker equipped with the Google Assistant. It reacts with the phrase “Ok/Hey Google” and activates its microphones to understand questions and commands (put on hold, timer, control of connected devices, etc.). On the sound side, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control has a 1.5-inch speaker and offers a 360 degree surround sound. Relatively compact (95 x 95 x 14mm), it shows 628 grams on the scale and doesn’t claim an audiophile orientation. Xaiomi seeks once again to bet on value for money and adds a practical function to its speaker.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker IR Control

Note that it is possible to combine two speakers to create a stereo system; or make multiroom by connecting multiple speakers together. Bluetooth is also available to connect a device. Finally, we note the presence of a clock function.

Launched in India, the Smart Speaker IR Control it comes out around 75 euros (5,999 Indian rupees). For its launch, it even benefits from a reduced price of 62 euros (4,999 Indian rupees). Unfortunately, Xiaomi does not specify if its speaker will reach other countries such as France. However, we can have a little hope since the device has a sheet on the international site Of the brand.

This article was translated from this source written by Thomas Estimbre

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