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Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner New Generation: Xiaomi's New 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Home & Automation

Xiaomi is definitely a manufacturer that we never stop! After making a hit with your xiaomi vacuum robot now become a benchmark thanks to its Excellent value (€ 230 month currently with the code XIAOMIVAC for example), the Chinese manufacturer puts the lid back on announcing a few days ago an even more successful new version, soberly baptized Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner New Generation. This model was designed by the Roborock company and launched through a crowdfunding campaign, the objectives of which were reached in less than 3min30!

Small video presentation:

Aesthetically, this new model is very close to what we already knew, with a beautiful clean white design. the laser sensor, for map the room, is a little more in the center. It is also a bit taller to map the room better, but it is kept in very reasonable dimensions.

robot vacuum cleaner 2 white 001

Below, always a central and a side brush. We will regret not having a second side brush.

The main novelty that we will notice is its possibility of wash floors, thanks to a SCRUB and a Water reserve.

robot vacuum cleaner 2 white 015

In fact, it is now possible to install under the new generation Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner a water tray whose contents will be slowly injected into a mini mop and sucked out. 13 sensors have been added to optimize this mode. Therefore, the suction power is automatically modulated.

robot vacuum cleaner 2 white 018

However, this is not the only difference. Here is a small summary table to see more clearly:

xiaomi robot comparison

Note a slightly larger tank and the possibility to wash the filter, which will be synonymous with savings in maintenance. If a mat is detected, the suction power will automatically increase.

robot vacuum cleaner 2 white 007

The Xiaomi Smart Robot New Generation Vacuum Cleaner will be able to pass door thresholds of up to 2 cm more easily (compared to the previous 1.5) thanks to a new wheel damper system. So nothing should resist him 🙂

robot vacuum cleaner 2 white 009

The suction power has been increased to 2000Pa against 1800 previously. Therefore, it competes with conventional vacuum cleaners.
The battery does not change, with a model. 5200 mAh. It is announced 2h30 cleaning is possible approximately 250 m² before the return to the charging base.

Its mapping system is still improving.

robot vacuum cleaner 2 white 014

The map is now so accurate that it is possible to schedule cleaning for a particular area. The map becomes interactive with the ability to draw virtual walls on it, with a cleaning schedule, as announced. Neato in its latest model !

robot vacuum cleaner 2 white 013

If we ask the New Generation Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner to go clean a particular place, it will know exactly where to go to get there:

robot vacuum cleaner 2 white 012

This New Generation Xiaomi Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner therefore brings many improvements, more or less important, but which further increase the robot to the highest level. However, as usual, Xiaomi does not blow up the prices: this new Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner of New Generation will surely be more expensive than its little brother, but is available around € 425 (for example from our partner Gearbest), this new model will still be excellent value for money given the features.

The question will be whether to buy it. To validate its performance, of course, it will be necessary to wait for a real test in the field. I will of course offer you one as soon as the new generation Xiaomi smart robot vacuum cleaner is available. So the MOP function may not be necessary for everyone. In this case, the first version will suffice, especially since the advertised price, this new model is still double the price, the first version runs regularly. around € 230 right now (with the XIAOMIVAC code for example). It’s the one I currently have, and even Madame is happy with it. The rest, compatible with Jeedom, is today the best model I had. It remains to be seen if the new version will also be appreciated, hoping that the API does not change too much for an integration in our home automation systems 🙂 Reply in a few days, when you have received this new model 🙂

xiaomi new robot vacuum cleaner bottom


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