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Xiaomi Selfie Stick

€ 14.90


  • Build quality
  • Compact size
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Integrated tripod and pole
  • Prize

Unless you’ve hibernated in a cave in Alaska for the past three years, you must have realized that selfie poles are a global hit. Adored by some, despised by others, selfies and their accessories speak of them, that’s for sure. I don’t particularly like these polo shirts, which we see flourishing everywhere in vacation spots and other tourist spots, people often pay little attention to the people around them and sometimes take reckless risks … not the topic of the discussion. Today’s topic is selfie stick Xiaomi. Why talk about it here? Because as usual, Xiaomi has managed to add value to a product that at first glance might seem quite silly. And that in addition to allowing you to take selfies on your behalf Instagram, this post could make your life easier in many situations.

I. Unpacking the Xiaomi selfie stick

As usual, the Chinese manufacturer offers us a refined packaging, presenting the product. What stands out at first glance is the very small size of the set.

xiaomi polo 1Inside, of course, there is the Xiaomi selfie stick, but also a small bluetooth remote control, which will activate remote photo shooting. Useful when the smartphone is at the end of the pole more than one meter away …

xiaomi polo 2A support on the pole allows you to accommodate this remote control, so as not to lose it.

This remote control is recharged directly using a micro USB cable, so no batteries needed. To use it, just sync it with your smartphone. Once this is done, a simple press of its single button activates the taking of pictures.

xiaomi polo 14 xiaomi polo 15As we can see, the pole is extremely small, since as it is it measures less than 19cm. This will make it very easy to put it in a pocket.

xiaomi polo 16

xiaomi polo 17Xiaomi has done a very good job of organization, so that each element fits into the others, allowing this small size. Therefore, the smartphone holder, which surrounds the pole, unfolds to fit the phone.

xiaomi polo 4As often, it is a clamp holding smartphone, thus adapting to all sizes (here with a 5.5 ″ smartphone). The clamps are surrounded by a silicone material so as not to damage the edges of the smartphone.

xiaomi polo 5You can keep the pole bent and be content to orient the angle of the clamp, or even rotate it (rotate 360 ​​°) simply to have your smartphone in hand when filming or taking photos.

xiaomi polo 6Or unfold the stick to really take advantage of a good length, which passes it through here at 50cm long. Between the length of the arm and this extension, so much to say that the retrospective will already be very practical for a selfie. Or to take a picture above the crowd when you can’t see anything at a trade show 😉

xiaomi polo 8So far, even if the post offers very small dimensions, it is still relatively classic. What I like about this model, however, is the presence of a integrated tripod. The handle opens in three parts to create a real tripod:

xiaomi polo 9 xiaomi polo 11Tripod that can take advantage of the height of the pole, or on the contrary be reduced to the maximum. We can imagine using it to convert to video, film a scene while we are still, etc.

xiaomi polo 13Suddenly this post turns out extremely versatile and don’t just take selfies. So much so that she can even help in a job as a “blogger” (yes, yes, we work ;-), to cover an event, for example, or to film herself for a podcast. Between its very small size and its price below € 15, it would be a shame to do without it. The only thing I will regret for my personal use: being able to disassemble the clamp to have a standard thread would have been great to fix my Theta 360 ° camera on the tripod, for example, thus avoiding having to resort to another additional device. . But hey, it’s basically a selfie stick for a smartphone 😉

bottom selfie stick xiaomi


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