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Geekbench criticized Xiaomi for slowing down its smartphones, a practice that is not new but is unfortunate coming from an industry giant, especially since it will have consequences.

Xiaomi 12 Pro
The Xiaomi 12 Pro from behind // Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

After Samsung and OnePlus, it’s a new manufacturer’s turn to get caught up in tweaking the performance of its smartphones. This is now the case of Xiaomi which, according to android policehe was caught red-handed trying to vary the power of his devices.

It was while testing the brand’s latest flagships (Xiaomi 12X and 12 Pro) with various modified versions of the Geekbench app that they became aware of the implementation of different performance profiles that would supposedly deploy more power when the open app is recognized as a reference game or application. These profiles then reduce performance when other applications are open. Result: You buy a product that only works optimally for certain applications.

A major problem in the Xiaomi 12 Pro

Comparing the scores obtained, we notice that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 of the Xiaomi 12 Pro is more affected by performance drops than its companion 888 of the Xiaomi 12X. Applications like Geekbench or Genshin Impact benefit from up to 50% better performance on a single core while its same performance drops when the application is recognized as Netflix or Chrome, for example. The performance differences are less marked on the 12X, but they’re still there and they seem to work in a slightly more complex way. The mechanism of this limitation is not yet fully understood.

A penalty in sight

Xiaomi had already embarked on this winding path with the Xiaomi 11T Pro, which also used various performance profiles depending on the application, especially for games. Geekbench president John Poole went out on a limb and expressed his disappointment at the discovery of such practices, while evoking the future removal of the affected smartphones from the scoreboard this week. Especially since other Xiaomi smartphones could be affected and Geekbench is currently studying to find which ones.

Geekbench Policy

Several Samsung smartphones had previously been decommissioned for comparable behavior. It is policy that once removed from the list, a device cannot be reset. Currently, Xiaomi occupies the second and third place in the ranking with its Poco F2 Pro and its Xiaomi Mi 11. Therefore, the threat hangs over its smartphones that could come out of the top of the basket if it were shown that they act in the same way way. .

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This article was translated from this source written by Manar Djoubri

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