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The upcoming Redmi Note 11SE will be sold in India without its 33W charger in the box. A novelty for the entry level, but also for the Xiaomi sub-brand.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus poses
The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G placed on a table // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

If there is one manufacturer that has brought fast charging to the entry level, it is Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Redmi. Your Note 11 Pro attests to this with its 67 W load below 300 euros. But what good is a fast charge without its dedicated charger? This is the question that future Redmi buyers may be asking.

The place my smart price saw this detail on the official product sheet of the upcoming Redmi Note 11 SE, which is due to launch next month in India. In the section detailing what’s in the box, there’s, of course, the phone, a USB-C cable, the SIM ejector tool, a protective cover, some paperwork, and… that’s about it. 33W charger is not included. In France, on the Mi Store, the 33W charger is sold for 20 euros and is also out of stock.

The entry level without charger

It is not impossible that this is a simple test balloon or an isolated episode. The fact is that the launch of an entry-level phone without a charger is the first. In general, this price segment is spared from this trend, started in high-end smartphones. Note also that even at the top of the range, we have been quite used to supplying chargers by Xiaomi. So this removal comes as a double surprise as we would have expected to see the brand start from the top on this issue.

As Redmi is a brand focused on the idea of ​​offering the greatest number of interesting functions at contained prices, adding an invoice of a few tens of euros to purchase a charger runs the risk of lowering the value of its products. Especially in a segment where very fast charging could be invited in the coming years. Let’s hope that if this decision were to be confirmed for the French releases, it would not give too many ideas to other brands, who are of course looking at the boiling brand with feverish eyes.

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