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Xiaomi Power Strip: The Ideal Tool for Blogger Testers - Home & Automation

Xiaomi Universal Power Strip

€ 14

Xiaomi Universal Power Strip


  • Design
  • Plugs compatible with many countries.
  • USB ports providing 2A for fast charging and tablets


  • Obligation to use an adapter or mount a French plug on the cable

As you know, I blog a lot of products from many different countries. Even if today most accept to work just as well on 220V as 110V, they generally have a very different plug than our French plug. So this requires going through a socket country adapter to French format. When you try a lot of products like me, it can quickly turn to hell. If you are like me, you will be interested in the strip that I am going to tell you about today: it is not connected, you will not do anything with home automation (for that I invite you to discover the Broadlink Strip wifi MP1), on the other hand it will make your life a lot easier to connect any type of device, whatever the origin.

I. The universal ready-to-use power strip

My need was this:

  • to power strip capable of accepting any type of outlet French or foreign
  • having a wall sheet in french format
  • with if possible USB ports, for products powered via a USB adapter, eliminating the need for an AC adapter (more and more are powered by USB, but are shipped without an AC adapter, etc.)

While browsing Gearbest, which offers a wide variety of products of this type, I came across this model of power strip:

xiami power strip 1Three power outlets, 4 USB ports, to general cut button, and one wall socket in French format. Exactly what I needed!

xiami power strip 4So yeah, you’re going to tell me: what are these shots? In fact, this is a very cleverly designed plug model, as this plug will be able to accept different formats, no adapter: Type A outlets (US ungrounded), Type C outlets (FR ungrounded), Type E and F sockets (FR grounded, but earth will not connect), Type I sockets (Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Oceania).

Example here connecting from left to right: a Chinese plug, a US plug and a French plug:

xiami 12 power stripThe plugs plug in without problem. Interesting detail, we feel a “click” when plugging in the plug, confirming that it is correctly inserted. And in use, it doesn’t move, which is very reassuring.

power strip xiami 13An important detail anyway: the French plugs run through them without any problem, but since there is no ground plug, there will be no protection: / So avoid connecting a washing machine for example above. Or you will have to use such a China travel adapter. For my use here at my desk, to test the products, I am not particularly concerned, especially since the products rarely stay connected when I am no longer at my desk.

In any case, this plug perfectly meets the need I had. There is no need for DIY and no more adapters, which leaves my desk more clear 🙂 You will find it on Gearbest for € 12.

II. The Xiaomi power strip: to adapt

However, the layout of the above shot may seem a bit austere, and for those who want a beautiful designer desk, it may not be suitable. So I also tried the brand’s power strip. Xiaomi, now well known precisely for its highly aesthetic products. I will pass you the packaging, which is all the most basic, to directly reveal the Xiaomi power strip:

power strip xiami 5It is substantially identical to the model seen above, however, with one less USB port and, most of all, a Chinese-style wall socket.

power strip xiami 6On an aesthetic level, I personally have a weakness for the Xiaomi model, which is more compact and more refined (the Xiaomi model measures 26 × 4.1 × 2.6cm):

power strip xiami 7The general cut button incorporates a small LED that glows very soft white to confirm that the plug has been activated. The little detail that makes the difference: p

At the socket level, it will accept the same: all plugs from foreign countries. However, the grips are a bit tighter so it is possible for the larger grips to take up too much space and encroach on the neighboring location.

power strip xiami 10 power strip xiami 11Apart from this detail, all the plugs connect to it without problem, and the clamping of the plugs is also very good. The “click” when connecting a plug confirms its correct connection.

xiami 8 power strip xiami 9 power strip xiami power strip 14The only “real” concern is the plug of this Xiaomi power strip which is plugged into the wall: here is a Chinese male plug, which is not compatible with our plugs: / Therefore, you will have to use an electrical adapter from China – > FR, or replace existing plug. Personally, I opted for the latter option. The multiplication of adapters is not a good thing, without counting the aesthetics, hence precisely my investigation of this type of strip accepting all formats. So I just bought a 2p + T male plug from my DIY store, for € 2.

xiami power strip 15For adaptation, simply cut the cable from the power strip. Of course that breaks the warranty, that’s for sure, but anyway, since this Xiaomi power strip comes from China, the after-sales service shipping costs may cost more than your purchase price. So for my part I do not regret it.

Installing a replacement plug is Very simple, all you have to do is strip the wires to the dimensions indicated by the new plug, then position and tighten them firmly.

xiami 16 power stripHere I am at the end with a good catch, accepting French catches on both sides 🙂

power strip xiami 17In the end, this allows me to have a neat desktop, with all the necessary connections when I need them to run my various tests. As you understand, I fell in love with the look of the power strip from Xiaomi.

office xiaomi

III. conclusion

For those who don’t want the hassle of replacing the cord plug, the first strip you see will do the same job, with no adjustments to be made. This is sold € 12 against fifteen euros for the Xiaomi power strip (sometimes available at € 10 during promotions), prices therefore very close. In both cases they do the job perfectly. Really useful when you are used to playing with products from various sources, whether it is to try products like me, or even enjoy foreign products at home, in your daily life, when these products do not exist in French format.

Note that a version with 6 electrical plugs + 3 USB ports is available for a few euros more, if you need more plugs. For my part, 3 sockets are enough for me on the desk, the objective is to occupy the minimum of space as well. A black version is also available. So there is a shame of choice 😉

bottom xiaomi power strip


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