Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
Xiaomi offers the ideal pack to connect your home, especially with a 50% discount

Starting a home automation installation can require a considerable budget. Except today, because Xiaomi offers a pack that integrates several of its products at a reduced price: only 54.99 euros compared to 119.96 euros for the base.

Xiaomi: Connected Home Bundle with Mi Router 4A, Mi Smart Speaker, Mi Door and Window Sensor 2, and Mi Wireless Switch.

Almost everything in your home, including lights and doors, can be connected to the Internet and controlled remotely with a smartphone or smart speaker. And if you want to get started in this connected universe, Xiaomi offers a pack that includes a connected speaker, a Wi-Fi router, a door open/close sensor and a wireless switch. all for less than 55 euros — an opportunity to make very large savings.

What does this package contain?

  • A speaker with built-in Google Assistant
  • A router with a maximum throughput of up to approximately 1167 Mb/ps
  • One door open/close sensor
  • And a wireless switch

Originally offered at 119.96 euros, then at a discount of 69.99 euros, the Xiaomi Connected Home package that includes a connected speaker, a router, a door open/close sensor and a wireless switch, is available for sale at 54.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website thanks to an additional discount of 15 euros.

Final price once the discount coupon has been applied to the basket // Source: official site

a connected speaker

In this pack, Xiaomi offers its Mi Smart Speaker, a rather imposing connected speaker with a minimalist look. Its robust design helps prevent the tremors that the plastic can cause when the volume is turned up to the maximum. In addition, it offers good sound power estimated at up to 75 dB according to Xiaomi.

The speaker also supports the DTS format for clearer background sound. And if you want to enjoy even more effective stereo sound, it is always possible to pair two speakers.

Equipped with the Google Assistant, you can ask questions, control your many connected objects or play music through different streaming platforms, such as Deezer, YouTube Music or Spotify. Thanks to its compatibility with Bluetooth, it is even possible to connect your smartphone/tablet to use other services.

What comes with other products

This package also contains the Xiaomi Mi Door and Window Sensor 2. This is a sensor that alerts you when a door is open or closed. From your smartphone, you’ll be able to monitor access to your home when you’re on the go, for example. The sensor also detects brightness and connects to a smart light. Also, if you already have the bulbs connected, you can use this wireless switch included in this pack to control them with a simple click.

Finally, we find the Mi Router 4a that will bring a better WiFi signal to your home. The brand announces up to 1167 Mbps, with 300 in the 2.4 GHz band and 867 in the 5 GHz band. Enough to offer a smoother experience watching HD videos and playing online games without slowing down. And its design with 4 external antennas ensures a better signal in any room. Along with the above products, this router will provide a stable network connection for everyone to work well.

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