Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
Xiaomi no longer wants APKs on Android smartphones

Xiaomi would no longer like Android users to be able to extract APK files from apps on their own. According to the brand, this would be equivalent to giving access to what it describes as “private resources”.


Android is known for its great freedom. Especially when it comes to installing applications that do not come directly from the Play Store, such as what can be done with APK files that allow direct access to previous versions of certain applications, versions only available in certain regions, in order to send them. directly locally to a loved one, etc. A possibility that Xiaomi does not really seem to like. The Chinese manufacturer would have some very personal ideas behind his head.

Protecting a “secret”

The Chinese company does not seem to be one of the supporters of this practice. As Mishaal Rahman tells us on Twitter, a Xiaomi developer has taken the liberty of presenting a new proposal to the Android Open Source Project that would aim to prevent owners of smartphones with the operating system from extracting APK files from Android. your devices.

A Xiaomi engineer submitted a patch to AOSP that would add an SELinux policy that would prevent the shell user from getting APK data files because “they may include some private resources.”

—Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) May 20, 2022

The reason for this block, according to the brand, is the desire to protect what it considers to be”private resourcesThe developer in question suggests that instead of APKs, apps should only be available through the Play Store or another trusted app store. Fortunately for users, Google seems to disagree.

An inconsistent project according to Google

An employee of the Mountain View company even pointed out the (big) flaw in Xiaomi’s proposal, namely that it would prevent APK extraction only on a stable version of Android. Therefore, some more informed people would only have to install a version dedicated to developers to be able to continue extracting these files. Therefore, the method would be doomed to failure.

Since then, several Google employees have spoken out against this idea, which would elevate the content of an APK to the rank of “industrial secret”. Therefore, Google does not intend to allow this type of practice to develop and this is certainly excellent news for Android users who can count on the company that develops Android to bring order and peace to their ecosystem.

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