Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
Xiaomi: no evidence of censorship in favor of China according to a new investigation

According to the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany, there is no evidence to accuse Xiaomi of pro-China censorship in its smartphones, contrary to what the Lithuanian government indicates.

Xiaomi Mi 11

The Xiaomi Mi 11 as an illustrative image // Source: Frandroid

In September 2021, Xiaomi smartphones were accused of serving censorship in favor of China. In fact, the Lithuanian government criticized the brand for installing software on its devices that identifies words or groups of words that may go against the Beijing government’s policy of deleting them in certain applications or in the startup web browser. .

Vilnius claimed that 449 terms like ” Free Tibet” Where “long live taiwan independence They were thus censored. Xiaomi was quick to defend itself by denying the charges and hiring “an independent expert” to unravel the true from the false.

No evidence against Xiaomi

Meanwhile, in Germany, the Federal Office for Information Security also carried out the investigation, the results of which it now shares with Reuters.

As a result, the Board was unable to identify any anomalies that required further investigation or other action.

In other words, there is no (or not enough) evidence to indicate that Xiaomi is actually playing in the pro-Chinese regime censorship game. Therefore, the German regulator does not support the Lithuanian accusations and is not campaigning to sanction the smartphone manufacturer.

Good news for Xiaomi, but at the moment it is not clear if this really concludes this geopolitical matter. We are not immune to a new twist or deeper revelations from the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense. Furthermore, the tensions between Vilnius and Beijing probably did not subside after this episode.

Xiaomi flavors

Anyway, Xiaomi split a press release to react to the investigation.

Xiaomi welcomes the results of the investigation by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), published yesterday. As expected, the latter testify that Xiaomi respects the highest standards of transparency. They also confirm Xiaomi’s central place in the privacy and security of its consumers. Once again, it has been shown that we operate in compliance with all European and national regulations regarding security and data protection, as well as with current European regulations.

The signature also specifies that it will follow “work with users, regulators and all stakeholders“.

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