Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot: an alternative to the Thermomix from China

Xiaomi had a rice cooker, a coffee maker, a deep fryer… but no food processor. This is now done with the Mijia food processor.

Xiaomi mijia
Xiaomi Mijia kitchen robot // Source: Xiaomi

After Monsieur Cuisine (Lidl) from Silvercrest, it is Xiaomi’s turn to compete with Vorwerk’s Thermomix.

These food processors are designed to be your best ally in the kitchen: they are capable of browning, simmering, steaming, blending, blending, chopping, pureeing, emulsifying, grinding, weighing… with a touch screen connected. This allows you to browse through hundreds of recipes that you can then follow step by step to the final result. A real helper in the kitchen that has conquered many users.

More than 200 recipes on the 8-inch screen

Xiaomi claims that there are 35 different ways to use the smart device, from grinding spices to sautéing. It can weigh as little as 1 gram, with a maximum volume capacity of 2.2 L and a rotation speed of 40 to 12,000 rpm.

Plus, you can cook up to three different dishes simultaneously in the main pot, steamer, and basket. 3D induction heating technology should provide fast and even heating, up to 180°C.

Xiaomi Mijia food processor :: Source – xiaomi
Xiaomi Mijia kitchen robot // Source: Xiaomi

You can view more than 200 recipes and tutorials on the built-in 8-inch (about 20 cm) touch screen. You can also control the food processor with Xiao AI voice commands. Xiaomi has also integrated a CookingIoT algorithm that controls the cooking process, automatically calculating the temperature and cooking times.

This Xiaomi Mijia food processor has been launched for pre-order in China for 5,999 yuan (about 860 euros). At the moment, it is only aimed at the Chinese market.

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