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Xiaomi Mi Watch: this premium connected watch at half price (-46%)

Currently there is no more premium than the Xiaomi Mi Watch in the Chinese brand’s catalog of connected watches. It offers ultra-accurate GPS, 16-day battery life, and an always-on display, and the list goes on and on. But what is surprising and very interesting given these characteristics is the price, which today has dropped from 149 euros to only 79 euros in Boulanger.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: this premium connected watch at half price (-46%)
The Xiaomi Mi Watch // Source: Frandroid

Xiaomi plans to present its new Watch S1 Active along with its new premium smartphones by 2022, so it will replace the old model dating from last year. This falls on March 15, that is, today, so the first Mi Watch of the name has seen fit to drastically reduce its price now to find new buyers before being definitively overshadowed by the next generation.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch, what is it?

  • A premium connected watch
  • With an AMOLED screen with Always-On
  • Autonomy of up to 16 days
  • And the multiple functions related to sport and health

Instead of 149 euros since its launch, the Xiaomi Mi Watch in black is now available on sale for only 79 euros in Boulanger after an immediate discount of 46%.

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It is not necessary to charge the watch every day.

If the competition offers excellent wearables packed with practical functions, they often have a defect that can postpone the purchase: autonomy. In fact, a connected watch loses its charm if you have to recharge it every night before bed, especially if you want to analyze your sleep during the night. With the Mi Watch you will not have this problem thanks to a 460 mAh battery. The battery does not offer a very large capacity, of course, but with many optimizations Xiaomi’s solution can last 16 days with standard use, 22 days with “ultra long autonomy” mode and 50 hours with GPS activated, depending on the brand. .

In fact, there was still 70% not Always-On set after a week of use during our test, then the watch was able to last an additional four days with this feature turned on. It therefore seems that the 16 days announced by Xiaomi only refer to use without the Always-On screen and that with this mode activated, the autonomy increases to around a week, which is still an excellent score compared to the competition. To recharge, Xiaomi provides a magnetic base that takes the watch from 0 to 100% in about 1h30.

Everything you need to monitor your activity

Who says connected watch, obviously says a lot of sensors to monitor user activity. The Mi Watch can thus measure heart rate, blood oxygenation level (SPO2), sleep quality, stress level or energy level. As well as notifications and other messages, a lot of information about your health is visible directly on the 1.39-inch circular OLED screen, but then you have to go through the Mi Wear app (available on Android and iOS) for more advanced analysis. .

The most athletic will also be delighted to know that Xiaomi’s connected watch is an excellent trainer. There are 17 basic activities, from walking outdoors to yoga, triathlon, climbing or swimming in open waters -because it is submersible up to 5 ATM-, but it is possible to add 8 dances, 6 outdoor sports or 14 water sports to this list. Also note that it is possible to set the watch to automatically detect when a workout starts. We also appreciate the accuracy of its built-in GPS that offers precise routes that can normally only be provided by connected watches based on smartphone GPS.

To know even more, do not hesitate to read our complete test on the Xiaomi Mi Watch.

8 /10

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This article was translated from this source written by Romain Ribout

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