Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Xiaomi Mi Smart Folding Electric Bicycle Enjoy 50% Discount

[Le Deal du Jour] If Xiaomi is already carving out most of it in terms of electric scooters, the Chinese manufacturer intends to advance in the market for urban mobility solutions with this time a folding electric bicycle. Especially since your Xiaomi Mi Smart bike benefits from a great promotion since it is offered at half price.

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The electric scooter is not the only ecological travel solution and an alternative to the car or public transport. The electric bicycle is also one of the good students, with the additional advantage of being able to accompany you during your holidays (just to chain the hills and the false plain without getting tired). A market that Xiaomi wants to conquer, already with its experience in terms of electric scooters, with the Mi Smart folding bicycle.

And as always, the manufacturer brings out a product with a controlled quality-price ratio since its electric bike now shows a price of 499 euros at Fnac and Darty instead of the usual 999 euros.

To better understand the offer

Is the foldable Xiaomi Mi Smart easy to carry?

The Mi Smart Foldable distinguishes itself from its competitors by being smaller and, above all, foldable. Its dimensions are 124.7 x 55.6 x 92.8 cm unfolded and 100 x 45 x 65 cm folded. Therefore, it is easy to store in public transport or in a small space inside the house. It also fits easily in the trunk of a car while on vacation.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Folding Electric Bicycle Enjoy 50% Discount

It still weighs 15 kilos, which may seem heavy but not as heavy since an electric scooter weighs around 13 kg. Its aluminum frame can withstand a maximum load of 100 kilos. It also gives the bike a welcome resistance, especially against rain or dust.

How fast is the foldable Xiaomi Mi Smart?

French law requires electric bicycles to have a maximum speed of 25 km / h. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Foldable is no exception to the rule and therefore does not exceed this maximum speed. Its 250 W motor offers faster acceleration and easier pedaling regardless of the type of lift. A TMM4 torque sensor is also available to monitor the force exerted on the pedals in real time. Adapt the level of driving assistance accordingly.

Its autonomy reaches a maximum of 45 km thanks to a 5,800 mAh battery. It takes four hours to fully charge the Xiaomi Mi Smart Foldable.

Is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Foldable smart?

On the handlebar there is a small LCD screen that shows various useful information. We think in particular about the actual speed, the number of kilometers traveled and the duration of the trip. You can also adjust the different driving modes (Eco, Normal and BO +) and of course activate the electric assistance.

Finally, you can pair your bike with the Mi Home application to get a large amount of data such as the average number of kilometers traveled per day (or even per week or month), the duration of the different trips or your average speed.

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