Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer: the connected fryer reaches almost 50% reduction

The products designed by Xiaomi are numerous, and among them we find a connected fryer: the Mi Smart Air Fryer. This promises to cook healthy and simply. And today, it is 69 euros instead of 129 euros.


Xiaomi is best known for its smartphones sold at excellent value for money, but the Chinese brand is always where you least expect it. Not only does it sell other types of products such as connected light bulbs, electric scooters or PC screens, but it also offers a connected fryer. This device is multifunctional so you can bring out the chef in you. If you are interested in the Mi Smart Air Fryer, this is the perfect opportunity as it is almost half price.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer, what is it?

  • A connected fryer with screen OLED
  • Compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • With many recipes offered in the app.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer is offered at a price of 129 euros, but today it is possible to get it at only 69 euros on the official website of the brand thanks to an immediate discount of 40 euros and a coupon of 20 euros.

A versatile low-profile fryer

Xiaomi’s first deep fryer looks ordinary at first glance. In appearance, it resembles the brand’s other connected devices with a white coating and minimalist look. Its dimensions (335 x 252 x 304 mm) are quite reasonable to recommend in your kitchen space.

The Mi Smart Air Fryer is first and foremost a fryer, but it is very versatile. With the latter, you can not only fry your food, but also cook, dehydrate and defrost it. It can even help you make your own yogurt. It offers cooking from 40 to 200°C as well as a large 3.5 L capacity for larger families (up to 5 servings). Its advantage is that it does not need oil and therefore favors cooking without fat.

With connected features

It is above all its connected aspect that differentiates it from other fryers. It connects to Wi-Fi and associates with the manufacturer’s Mi Home app. Through the latter, you can consult all the information related to the cooking status. It is even possible to program the preparations up to 24 hours in advance and discover a hundred recipes.

Our colleagues at Numerama were able to control it and found some problems. For example, not all Xiaomi recipes seem to be able to set up the fryer well. Result: It does not set the correct temperature and prevents the potatoes from cooking correctly. Fortunately, Xiaomi integrates an OLED screen to configure your preparation, a more reliable way to follow the progress of cooking over time and heating temperature.

And to top it off, the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can help you start or pause cooking. Simply connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Xiaomi presents a connected fryer for you to eat healthy

On Monday, Xiaomi announced new products for everyday use. And among these, a strange device for healthy eating: the Mi Smart Air Fryer, a versatile and “fat-free” connected fryer.
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