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With its first oil-free fryer, Xiaomi takes a further step towards everything connected. Whether it’s really worth the detour remains to be seen.

Connecting everything, from the vacuum cleaner to the toothbrush, is Xiaomi’s commitment. Since its arrival on the European market several years ago, the Chinese brand has become the benchmark for home IoT. This year, it presents its first oil-free fryer, the Mi Smart Air Fryer, which aims to play on the flower beds of home appliance giants such as Philips or Seb, while offering value for money that remains just as attractive. . With its minimalist design and many features, does the machine have what it takes? We tried.

Design and technical sheet: without frying on the line

Mi Smart Air Fryer
Height and weight – 3.9kg
– 33x25x30cm
Materials and coatings – White ABS plastic
– Double layer non-stick coating.
Buttons and connectors – Touch button on/off
– clickable jog wheel with OLED display
– WiFi connection
Temperature – 40°C to 200°C
– Up to 24 hours of continuous cooking
– Possibility to program remote start
– Adjustable timer
– Keeping warm
Cooking programs – Chips
– Chicken wings
– Fish
– Steak
– Shrimp
– Cakes
– Nuts
Power – 1500W
maximum volume – 3.5L
Reward €129

Far from the competition, the Xiaomi fryer stands out above all for its compact size and elegant design. Having distinguished itself in the smartphone market, the brand has long invested in home appliances and is often successful. The Chinese generally go for minimalism, and the Mi Smart Air Fryer is no exception. The device is presented as a rectangular block lacquered in white, on which we find a wheel with an OLED touch screen, crowned by a (too) discreet power button. At the front, the 3.5 L container is topped by a large handle to avoid the slightest risk of burns.

Xiaomi Air Fryer Overview
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In addition to being especially beautiful in a kitchen, the Xiaomi oil-free fryer also has several advantages: its first format is perfect for small spaces. Especially since if the cooking tray is not particularly large, more than enough for two adult servings. Nice and well-finished, it even promises easy cleanup thanks to its double-layer nonstick coating. We couldn’t ask for less.

Chips !

Logically it is because of the fries that we attack first for this test. The automatic program indicates 15 minutes of cooking at 200°C, in practice it will take a little longer. Once the potatoes have been cut and placed on the tray with a little oil, cooking begins in a few seconds. First observation: the Mi Smart Air Fryer heats up quickly, and don’t waste your time. Even launched at full power, it also remains relatively quiet. Be careful, however, not to do not direct your air outlet anywhere, the flux escaping from it is relatively hot. Probably not enough to burn us, but enough to ruin our Easter eggs which ended up in shapeless mush.

With its 3.5L capacity, Xiaomi’s fryer will not delight a large family. The tank is not only relatively narrow, but it also needs to be barely 3/4 full. This is the only noticeable defect of this type of cooking: despite the 360° air circulation, the contents of the tank must be mixed regularly, at the risk of obtaining a very uneven result. Nothing too serious, but don’t expect to start cooking your fries from the app when you get off work only to find them crisp and golden 40 minutes later.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer is not wrong, and sounds at regular intervals to indicate that it is time to mix the preparation. The exercise seems a bit daunting, but it is actually very simple. Simply pull out the drawer to stop cooking, shake it to move ingredients, and put it back in to restart the machine. Average running time: 10 seconds and without additional plates.

After a first rough cooking, easy to find your way around the machine, which is very easy to use. The result is perfect: in just 25 minutes, the fries are crispy and well cooked, even without excess fat.

cook almost everything

On paper, Xiaomi’s deep fryer does much more than fries. With a temperature capable of ranging between 40°C and 200°C, the device also promises to make yogurts, grill steaks, dehydrated fruits and even bake cakes. Thanks to its low temperature function, it can also defrost and ferment. So many promises that your mouth is immediately watering. In addition to its design, Mi Smart Air Fryer aims to stand out from the competition by playing the card of versatility. listening to him, the machine is capable of cooking everything (or almost)without adding oil or dirtying the oven.

After the success of the fries, we address the many promises of the device. The dried fruit First, they require a very long cooking period at 40°C. After about six hours of dehydration, it is a total success, the result fits perfectly with our expectations, and we must admit: it is very good. Same observation for mozzarella stickswhich are crispy and perfectly browned after about fifteen minutes in the machine.

We can’t wait to test the Smart Air Fryer’s abilities for baking cakes, yogurts and more elaborate dishes. Meanwhile, the machine is also emerging as a very good means of defrost food. The bread in particular comes out as fresh, so a good point.

The results are more than positive: without being totally perfect, the Xiaomi fryer allows much more than just frying food. A very good point at a time when the home appliance market tends to sell us more and more specific devices, even if that means going bankrupt and cluttering our cabinets. The observation also applies to its cleaning: we were afraid that the device would be difficult or unpleasant to clean, in fact, it can be difficult to simplify it: drawer is dishwasher safe. The coating does not stick, and all that is needed is wiping with a sponge to remove any residue.

Who really needs a smart fryer?

Xiaomi’s oil-free fryer is an undeniable success. However, there is one thing that can be criticized for the Chinese brand: his obsession with wanting to connect our devices sometimes becomes ridiculous. Regarding the Air Fryer, everything works perfectly from the interface of the OLED screen, which is incredibly simple to start automatic cooking, but also to manage the temperature and cooking time.

On the application side, the results are much less impressive. It is true that the Xiaomi Home software is pleasant to use and quite well thought out. It is also a safe bet that it is already installed on most smartphones, as long as you have another device from the brand. Nevertheless, definitely doesn’t add much. The recipes included in the application are quite basic, and far from covering the range of possibilities offered by the machine. The Google Assistant does not contribute anything significant either, and quickly falls into oblivion. The only real advantage: the option to recipe creationthat allows you to program the temperature and cooking time of our favorite mozzarella sticks to make sure you don’t make mistakes.

Please note that it is also possible to use the app to start cooking remotely or to schedule them for later. A feature that, again, did not convince us very much. In addition to the -questionable- respect for the cold chain linked to leaving the raw ingredients for several hours in the fryer, the fact of not mixing the preparation regularly will almost always cause irregular cooking.

Price and availability

announced in €129 on the brand’s official website, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer is regularly offered below €100. There was no doubt about the excellent value for money of the device, but as a promotion it becomes one of the most interesting on the market. Go to most merchant sites to look for deals.

Discover the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer


Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer

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