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Xiaomi launches croquettes and water dispensers for our dogs and cats

Stop everything: Xiaomi launches a croquette dispenser and a water fountain for our dogs and cats. Connected dispensers that aim to remind us to fill and clean them, to continue caring for our pets.

Even the dealer can’t resist giving the cat kibble // Source: Xiaomi

This Tuesday, October 4, Xiaomi presents several novelties, among which are connected objects. The brand hits the French market with two new products: a croquette dispenser and a water fountain.

Xiaomi’s connected croquette dispenser, to manage your cat’s food

Xiaomi launches Smart Pet Feeder, a connected kibble dispenser. It is controllable from the Xiaomi Home or Mi Home app. Through the latter, you can distribute additional croquettes as well as scheduled distributions where you manage the time and quantity. Handy for weekend outings, making sure the tank is full enough as the dealer can remind us when it’s not. A visual indicator on the dispenser also indicates when the food is almost finished.

Compatible with Shibas // Source: Xiaomi

The device weighs 3 kilograms and has a capacity of 3.6 liters, which can hold approximately 1.8 kilograms of croquettes. According to Xiaomi, this allows “ meet the needs of an adult cat or a small dog for 15-20 days “. The Smart Pet Feeder is only available in white and measures 31.1 by 18 by 38.7 centimeters.

The smart pet feeder // Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi has thought about possible power outages as there is an emergency power supply consisting of four AA batteries that ” ensure normal and regular distribution, even in the event of an unexpected power outage or network outage “.

Xiaomi also thinks about the hydration of your pets

Eating is good, drinking is even better. In the process, Xiaomi launches Smart Pet Foutain, a water fountain for cats and dogs. This connected object uses a ” circular water circuit, which offers water always in movement to avoid bacteria “promises the brand. A moving water that would be more attractive to pets according to her. This connected water source has a filter system to intercept debris and fine particles.

Xiaomi Connected Water Fountain // Source: Xiaomi

The water tank has a capacity of 2 litres, which meets the needs of an adult cat for 4 to 7 days On the connectivity side, you can associate Smart Pet Foutain with the Xiaomi Home / Mi Home app to get reminders when it’s time to fill the tank, change the water, clean the fountain or change the filter.

Source: Xiaomi

The device weighs 3 kilograms and measures 19.1 by 19.1 by 17.7 centimeters, and emits a noise of 30 dB maximum. In the event of a power outage, the lid can also store water, dispensing a small amount of emergency drinking water “.

Price and availability

The two connected objects are now available for sale:

  • The Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder launches at €109.99 instead of €129.99 until October 10, 2022;
  • The Xiaomi Smart Ped Foutain is launched at 69.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros until October 10, 2022.

For those who miss the launch offers, the brand will offer a pack that will include the two products with a discount of 50 euros, that is, a price of 209.98 euros.

These are not the only products presented by Xiaomi, as the manufacturer launches the Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro, a robot vacuum cleaner, the Smart Band 7 Pro connected bracelet, the Xiaomi TV Q2 television, the Redmi Pad tablet as well as the Redmi Buds Headphones. 4 Pro and Buds 4.

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