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Xiaomi is a success, Oppo stands out and Wiko endures: here is the French top 5 in 2021

The Canalys firm presents its results for the year 2021 for the smartphone market and shares the top 5 of the best sellers in France. We see the battle between Xiaomi and Samsung, the progress of Oppo and the surprise of Wiko.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

The year 2022 is already off to a good start (it’s already February, of course!), but sometimes it’s good to look in the rearview mirror to take stock. That’s good, the analysis firm Canalys shares its top 5 of the largest smartphone manufacturers in France for the fiscal year 2021. A report that Xiaomi hastened to share via a press release to show its great momentum. However, this is not the only thing to remember from this ranking that also concerns Samsung, Apple, Oppo and Wiko.

Before we continue, let’s clarify one important thing: Canalys data is taken from shipments sent from the factories of smartphone manufacturers. This is a valuable indicator, but not necessarily the most accurate since it does not necessarily correspond to the number of sales to final consumers.

Canalys top 5 for the smartphone market in France in 2021

In France, in 2021, Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Oppo and Wiko make up the top 5 smartphone brands // Source: Canalys

Clarified this postulate, let’s take a look at the top 5 smartphone brands in France in 2021 according to Canalys.

Samsung, threatened leader and Xiaomi, threatening dolphin

First of all, we find without surprise the historical leader Samsung. However, the dynamics is not the most radiant. The South Korean giant still takes 27% of the market share, but this represents a drop of 31% compared to the previous year. The competition promises to be very tough by 2022 with Xiaomi’s bulldozer continuing to advance at full speed: +45% to reach 23% market share.

Currently second in this ranking, the Chinese troublemaker certainly makes no secret of his ambitions to steal the throne. Buoyed by a slew of product launches in 2021, Xiaomi already momentarily overtook Samsung in France last year. The challenge now will be to stay on top for longer.

Apple on the podium, Oppo on the rise

The top three is completed by Apple. The apple brand has a 22% market share in France according to Canalys, a drop of 11%. Keep in mind, however, that the Californian group posted a great fourth quarter of 2021. As usual, it is the most prominent brand during the Christmas season.

Behind, the gap widens significantly as Oppo, fourth in the ranking, shows “only” 8% market share. Néanmoins, it is interesting to see that the Chinese brand registers a progression of 71%, the strongest of the top 5. The evolution is donc très impressionnante, more doit être relativisee puisqu’un pourcentage parait toujours plus gros quand on part of further away.

wiki is still there

The top 5 ends with a little surprise: Wiko. The brand of French origin – and a subsidiary of the Chinese company Tinno – still and always resists strong competitive pressure, particularly important at the entry level.

Wiko therefore ranks fifth in France according to Canalys with a market share of 5%. It will be difficult to resist for long the 3% decline registered in 2021 by the brand.

Keep in mind that the year 2021 was characterized by a global shortage of components in the market for new technologies and a pandemic that continued to affect the entire world. Note also the absence of Huawei in this ranking. The Chinese giant – which recently launched its P50 Pro in France – remains mired in its conflict with the United States. The Washington embargo still prevents you from pre-installing Google services on your devices.

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