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Xiaomi Fan Festival: It's the right time of the year to buy Xiaomi products

It has become a custom, every year Xiaomi returns with its Fan Festival. During this time of year you can get the best prices on the manufacturer’s flagship products. Smartphones, monitor, scooter: here is our selection.

The Xiaomi Fan Festival is officially launched. Until April 18, the Chinese manufacturer lowers the price of a good part of its recent products. Price reductions valid in the wide catalog of Xiaomi devices, but also in many e-tailers.

The offers are so numerous that it is difficult to navigate. Here are five very good products that are displayed for promotion during the Xiaomi Fan Festival. From smartphones to electric scooters, there is something for every need and want.

The Xiaomi 11T at 449 euros

Xiaomi not only occupies the budget smartphone market. The manufacturer also has a good range of more premium devices, such as the Xiaomi 11T. Here, the builder is opulent.

The AMOLED screen is of excellent quality, bright and smooth thanks to its 120 Hz refresh rate. Smoothness is also possible thanks to a powerful processor, compatible with 5G, very comfortable in mobile games. Finally, the generous autonomy is supported by very fast charging. It only takes 38 minutes to go from 0 to 100% battery. It is therefore not necessary to leave the phone charging overnight.

Xiaomi Fan Festival: It's the right time of the year to buy Xiaomi products
The Xiaomi 11T // Source: Xiaomi

In the end, the Xiaomi 11T has premium smartphone features, without sharing the price. During the Xiaomi Fan Festival, its price is 449 eurosor 120 euros cheaper than when it was launched.

The Redmi Note 11 (128 GB) at 229 euros

Xiaomi has been dominating the affordable mid-range smartphone market for several years with its Redmi Note series. And the Redmi Note 11, released in early 2022, confirms the rule. It’s simple: this phone perfectly covers all the uses of a smartphone at a controlled price.

We appreciate the fluidity of the experience it offers, both thanks to the well-made processor and the 90 Hz OLED screen. And as is often the case with devices in this range, autonomy is gigantic. Count on 2 days of endurance with normal use.

Xiaomi Fan Festival: It's the right time of the year to buy Xiaomi products
The Redmi Note 11 // Source: Xiaomi

The Redmi Note 11 is one of the easiest phones to recommend for small budgets. It gets even more interesting when it’s on sale. Its price increases to 229 euros in the 128 GB version (the most interesting) thanks to a return offer of 30 euros.

The Poco X4 Pro 5G at 269 euros

Xiaomi’s Poco range is characterized by the excellent price-performance ratio of its devices. The Poco X4 Pro 5G is no exception with its Snapdragon 695 processor. Web browsing runs smoothly while 3D gaming still runs smoothly.

The good news is that the Poco X4 Pro 5G does not compromise on the quality of its display. The LCD panel is very well made: the colors are accurate, the light peak is high and, once again, there is a 120Hz refresh rate. This is a great ally for your mobile gaming sessions.

Xiaomi Fan Festival: It's the right time of the year to buy Xiaomi products
The Poco X4 Pro 5G // Source: Xiaomi

Count 269 euros for the Poco X4 Pro 5G during the Xiaomi Fan Festival. This represents a price drop of 30 euros for a device with an already very aggressive positioning.

The Mi Electric Scooter Essential electric scooter at 329 euros

Xiaomi has dominated the electric scooter market in France for several years. The reason ? The manufacturer offers affordable, efficient and reliable devices for its price. The Mi Electric Scooter Essential is one of the latest releases from the manufacturer and, as the name suggests, focuses on the essentials.

Here, the focus is on driving quality and safety. Understand that the design is solid, the components like the brake are reassuring, and the performance is reasonable. Count on a maximum speed of about 20 km/h, for a range of about 18 km.

Xiaomi Fan Festival: It's the right time of the year to buy Xiaomi products
The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Essential // Source: Xiaomi

Shown at €329 Instead of 349 euros, the Mi Electric Scooter Essential electric scooter is one of the most affordable, but also recommended, models on the market.

The 27″ Mi 2K gaming monitor at 349 euros

Low response time, high definition, and high refresh rate – this is what gamers want in a PC display. Features that can be found in the new Xiaomi monitor. With a diagonal of 27″, this screen displays a 2K definition (2560 × 1440 pixels) at 165 Hz, with a response time of one millisecond. In short, everything important to not be at a disadvantage in competitive games.

The technical sheet is not diminished by the connectors. In fact, there are two HDMI 2.0 ports, a Display Port 1.4, two USB 3.0 ports, and finally a connector. Which easily connects a PC, a console and speakers at the same time.

Xiaomi Fan Festival: It's the right time of the year to buy Xiaomi products
The 27″ Mi 2K Gaming monitor // Source: Xiaomi

The 27″ gaming monitor had revolutionized the market when it came on the market thanks to a very attractive quality-price ratio. Shown at €349 After 150 euros discount, it is one of the best screens of this type at this price.

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