Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
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Xiaomi founder Lei Jun could present a prototype electric car in the coming weeks.

When we try to bridge the gap between new technology companies and the automotive world, we often think of big names like Samsung or Apple and their very secret “Apple Car” project. But the Xiaomi name is mentioned much less. However, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer intends to enter the automotive market very soon, and this could make a lot of noise.

According to the first information we have, Xiaomi is about to present its first electric car. If the model should make its arrival on the market only in 2024, the presentation of all the details of the vehicle will take place in August, assure the best-informed informants about the brand.

A first electric car

In all likelihood, it is the founder of the brand who should make this announcement before the end of the summer. In fact, Lei Jun would be very close to the project, he who would spend two thirds of his time in the “Auto” department of the Chinese brand. In close collaboration with the HVST Automobile Design brand, this first electric car should make its arrival in a sector that the brand does not know.

With high ambitions, Xiaomi should therefore launch a full test phase around its electric car this winter, particularly as regards road holding and driver and passenger safety. If obviously we are going to know a lot more in August, Xiaomi’s first car seems to come in two versions.

An electric, autonomous and economic car?

The model must be identical, it is the part of the range of the car that can change between each version of the car. The first, with the lowest level of autonomy, should allow the Chinese brand to greatly reduce prices and offer a car around €25,000. As for the more autonomous car of the two, the price range could be around €30,000 or even €40,000 in the very well equipped versions.

Confident in the future, the brand has already invested close to a billion dollars in the development of the “Auto” branch. This notably allowed the construction of a large factory in the suburbs of Beijing. The latter should be able to produce 300,000 cars a year. For his part, Lei Jun has already advanced that this project will not be a shot in the air and that Xiaomi’s presence in the world of electric cars is long-term. The brand plans to invest 10 billion dollars in the next 10 years.

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