Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Xiaomi Book Pro 16 and 14 inches official: two beautiful Oled screens, including one in 4K

Xiaomi continues to do Xiaomi, that is, to offer over-equipped products at a competitive price. If its PCs are still having a hard time reaching us, the Chinese giant is preparing its ranges anyway, and it could do damage.

Xiaomi 12S series new product launch event screenshot 2-31-39

After the smartphone market, where Xiaomi presented its new Xiaomi 12S Ultra, 12S and 12S Pro, here it is the turn of the PC market, which is somewhat shaken by the appetite of the Chinese group. Remember that the giant recently launched its first PC under ARM on the French market. The firm has just announced two new high-end laptops, both equipped with an OLED panel. It is not known at the moment if they will one day be available on the French market, or even in Europe.

The first PC that interests us is called Xiaomi Book Pro 16, for 16 inches. It is a 4K panel anyway, which is still relatively rare in the field of laptops in 2022, which is more so in Oled. They promise us excellent color fidelity as well as support for Dolby Vision. It is also a touch screen.

Let’s add that Xiaomi explained that it had merged its dedicated smartphone and PC display services for better synergy. The idea is to propose a unified screen. We can add that file sharing features between Xiaomi smartphones and PCs are included.

Aluminum body and 12th Gen Intel Core

The Xiaomi Book Pro 16 is a high-end PC. Therefore, it incorporates an aluminum body following the same CNC process as in the MacBook Pro. The PC measures 14.9 mm in height, which is quite thin and promises a pleasant grip. To finish off the design, let’s mention the presence of haptic feedback on the touchpad, which was not the case on previous models.

Obviously, the comparison with the brand of the apple will also be played with the power of the beast. Here, you’ll be entitled to 12th Gen Intel Core, with either an i5-1240P or an Intel Core i7-1260P, along with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2050 graphics card for the time being.

Whatever the configuration, Xiaomi promises 12 hours of battery life for a 70Wh battery capacity, charged at 100W. All configurations include 16GB of LPDDR RAM and 512GB of PCie 4.0 SSD storage.

Count 6,499 yuan for the i5-1240P version (929 euros) and 8,499 yuan for the one with the i7-1260P and an RTX 2050 (1,215 euros). We should add that French prices tend to be higher.

Xiaomi Pro Book 14

The Xiaomi Book Pro 14 largely takes up the basic concepts of the 16-inch model, but this time it offers a 14-inch panel, still Oled, but with a lower definition of 2.8K.Xiaomi 12S series new product launch event screenshot 2-37-18

The refresh rate is fixed at 90 Hz, with a DCI-P3 color spectrum coverage of 100% according to Xiaomi, as well as a maximum brightness of 600 cd/m². Count on 10 hours of continuous use with the 56Wh battery, for a 100W charge.

The Xiaomi Book Pro 14 costs 5,899 yuan with an i5-1240P, 6,499 yuan if you add a GeForce MX550 and 7,999 yuan for an i7-1260P paired with an RTX 2050 card. This would represent, after a simple conversion, 843, 929 and 1143 euros .

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