Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
Xiaomi and Leica team up to redefine smartphone photography

Xiaomi and photography specialist Leica have announced a strategic partnership to develop new smartphones capable of taking pictures.

Xiaomi Leica the turning point
Source: Xiaomi

For several years, smartphone manufacturers have liked to partner with big names in audio or photography to provide quality guarantees on their products. For a long time we have seen the Zeiss brand in Nokia or Hasselblad smartphones offering photo modules for Motorola and then for the OnePlus 9. In this game, there is a strong partner of the smartphone that has been somewhat orphaned by the force of the circumstances, is the German specialist Leica.

The latter was until now Huawei’s privileged partner for many years. But now the Chinese manufacturer is losing ground and we have to find a new brand to partner with. Leica did not need to look far, the new partner is still Chinese, it is Xiaomi.

“Xiaomi and Leica share the same vision of mobile photography”

As rumored, Xiaomi and Leica announced a partnership on May 23, 2022. The goal is to develop new horizons for mobile photography. In other words, working together on the photo module and image processing in the next Xiaomi flagship.

If we understand Xiaomi’s official press release, the goal of a partnership with Leica is to seek this unique knowledge that gives photos a “leica look“. It’s not necessarily about completely rethinking smartphone photography, but about getting help from Leica to calibrate cameras so that image processing and colorimetry match what you’d expect from a Leica camera.

During this cooperation, from the optical design to the adjustment of aesthetic orientations, the innovative technologies, product philosophies and image preferences of both parties have undergone an unprecedented deep collision and merger.

It is with the first smartphones resulting from this association that we will be able to really discover if it is about Leica only lending its logo and its name, or if the association is more concrete. To do this, it will suffice to compare the photo processing of the new devices with Xiaomi’s well-known customs in the matter.

see you in July

The press release does not hide it: this association will take shape for the first time with a “photo flagshipwhich will be released in July 2022. We can possibly bet on the Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

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