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Xiaomi: a new patent evokes the design of a future flagship - L'Éclaireur Fnac

A new Xiaomi patent is popping up on the web, revealing design drawings for a new smartphone. In view of the images, we are surprised to guess the technical sheet of a future Chinese flagship. How about a new Xiaomi 12?

The end of the year is fast approaching and is usually the occasion chosen by Xiaomi to unveil its new ranges of smartphones. After confirming its position as an important manufacturer in the global smartphone market, the Chinese firm once again talks about it through information leaks (voluntary or not) to which fans are already used.

Xiaomi owes its evolution to its ubiquity in the global market. The firm does not stop offering new models to expand its catalog, to such an extent that consumers can sometimes feel lost in the different ranges and multiple variations. The same smartphone can have several versions for changes sometimes quite minimal (Pro / T / Lite / Ultra / i / S version)

What can be deduced from the patent schemes?

The diagram shows a smartphone with physical characteristics worthy of a high-end range.© Xiaomi

According to the site LetsGoDigital, the patent was filed in September 2020 for official publication on October 15 this year. The most striking element is the impressive size of the photographic module on the back of the device and its prominence, which reveals the presence of at least one very generous sensor. We can easily guess the presence of a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens positioned below the main lens.

The diagram shows a curvilinear smartphone with a structure that gives a privileged place to a curved screen that incorporates a punch-type front camera. The diagrams do not show audio or USB connections and there are no visible buttons. Of course, all this is just speculation and we will have to wait until the end of the year or the first quarter of 2022 to have confirmation, or not, of the relevance of these visuals.

The potential data sheet of the Xiaomi 12

For a few months now, rumors have been circulating on the web about the characteristics of the next spearhead of the Chinese giant for its next rank 12. Between the opinions and the leaked information, this is what we can expect.

The processor that equips the future Xiaomi 12 should probably be a Snapdragon 898. The Chinese firm has always equipped its premium terminals with the latest Qualcomm chips for optimal performance. The processor could be a Kryo 780 with a clock speed of 3.09 GHz depending on the Ice universe escape. A new architecture for a 16% more performance gain than the Snapdragon 888, according to ARM.

On the display side, rumors speak of a Samsung OLED LTPO display with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. Information about the part of the photo comes from the famous leaky digital chat station on Weibo, the Chinese microblogging site. The Xiaomi 12 would integrate a triple photographic sensor: a first 50 Mpx Samsung GN5 lens, a second 50 Mpx Sony IMX766 and a 50 Mpx x5 optical zoom telephoto lens. The Chinese filter also talks about a new 200 Mpx sensor for the 12 range. A feature that remains within the realm of possibilities given the impressive size of the photographic module visible in the diagrams of the patent filed by Xiaomi.

Whether founded or not, these characteristics are not definitive, and despite the excitement that patent schemes may generate, the latter may never be successful.

This article was translated from this source written by Étienne Auvray

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