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Xiaomi 12T Pro versus Xiaomi 12 Pro: don't be fooled

Xiaomi has just launched the Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro. We compare the technical sheet of the latter with its predecessor, the Xiaomi 12 Pro launched seven months ago.

Source: Xiaomi / Frandroid

If it is always advisable to wait for the tests before launching the latest smartphone released, especially if it is a high-end phone, the latest Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro undoubtedly have a much higher technical sheet than the Xiaomi 12 and 12. Pro released last March, but sold much more expensive when it was released than the 12T. Here is a complete guide to choose between the two Xiaomi phones.

We decided to focus on the Pro model of the two ranges and not on the basic versions since the Xiaomi 12 received a score of 6/10 in our columns, the comparison would make less sense. The Xiaomi 12 Pro received an 8/10 at the time for its balanced recipe.

More megapixels, but no telephoto lens on the 12T Pro

Let’s start with the most important point in Xiaomi’s communication around the 12T Pro: its 200 megapixel sensor. If we can obviously debate the interest of adding so many pixels to a sensor in the search for the perfect photo, the fact is that the 12T Pro immediately seems better equipped than its friend, the Xiaomi 12 Pro, but it sold 1100 euros at launch. As a reminder, the 12T Pro is sold for 799 euros.

But let’s not forget, however, that the Xiaomi 12 Pro also has a good advantage: it is equipped with an X2 telephoto lens, absent from its friend in the letter T. It is still necessary to tone down the weight of this difference: we are anyway in a telephoto lens that doesn’t allow you to get very close to your subject. The 12T Pro with its high definition will also make it easier cultivator in a photo In the photo, therefore, we can still give the 12T Pro the point.

Autonomy and design, the point goes to the 12T Pro

In terms of battery too, the 12T Pro -remember, it’s cheaper- seems better equipped than the 12 Pro. In fact, it shows a 5,000 mAh battery, compared to the 4,600 mAh of the original 12 Pro. For almost 300 euros less, it is a bargain. Let’s add that the load is exactly the same for both phones: 120W.

To wrap up the undeniably interesting points of the 12T Pro, it shows an IP53 certification against dust and water. Even if we’re far from the strongest possible certification, it’s already better than the 12 Pro which didn’t offer any.

Energy and heating

The other element that allows us to recommend the 12T Pro against the 12 Pro with a closed eye is undoubtedly its chip. In fact, the 12T Pro is equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 where its predecessor has the 8 Gen 1.

We wrote a full article to show that the chip with Plus made a big difference. In two words, remember this: it is a more powerful chip, but above all, it heats up much less and therefore consumes much less battery.

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What is Xiaomi playing at?

As you will have understood, whether in the photo, the autonomy or even the pure power, we recommend the 12T Pro more (although it will have to be tested to be sure). If we add to this that it costs much less than the 12 Pro, the game is over.

Now, this question arises: why did Xiaomi launch the Xiaomi 12 Pro in the first place, if only to destroy it seven months later? We are certainly not going to spit in the soup, but it is clear that seven months apart, Xiaomi launches a phone that is undeniably better than the previous one, at least on paper, at 300 euros cheaper.

The underlying question is: wouldn’t it be better for everyone if Xiaomi launched only one of the two phones, if the best of the two is possible? Moreover, if we put ourselves in the shoes of Xiaomi 12 Pro buyers, there are reasons to feel a bit cheated and lose confidence in the brand, which probably already knew that it would release a much better equipped 12T seven months later. .

We are accustomed to frandroid Do not advise users to change phones from one generation to another, because many times the improvements are incremental. But here, one phone looks undeniably better than the other. Perhaps we will have to be careful with the Xiaomi 13 in the future, while we wait for the Xiaomi 13T?

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