Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
Mon Petit Placement

What if you too had access to the best premium financial products at minimal entry costs? Mon Petit Placement is revolutionizing investment, we explain it to you.

Two years after its launch, Mon Petit Placement is already a key player in the market and is establishing itself as the next investment leader for individuals in France. With the Lyon startup, you will find high-end financial products, usually aimed at the elite.

The goal of fintech is simple. Mon Petit Placement wants to democratize premium investment between individuals. You, us, your neighbor… To achieve this goal, the company offers four wallets, which have had a average return of 12.3% in 2021.

Mon Petit Placement opens the door to premium financial products, generally reserved for a wealthy and privileged clientele, for ridiculously low entry costs: 300 euros is enough to start. Whenever you feel a bit daring…

I Discover My Little Placement

The best premium financial products are yours!

Thanks to Mon Petit Placement, high-end investments are now accessible to as many people as possible. Sure, outshines booklet A and other “classic” savings accounts that are not necessarily models of profitability. Lyon’s fintech supports you to invest as well as possible and grow your capital. With different portfolios with different levels of risk, the choice is yours. In fact, it should be noted that their solutions are subject to market risks.

Invest, diversify and boost your capital, this is the objective of Mon Petit Placement. The company gives you the opportunity to invest in various topics according to your values: Climate, Equality, Technology, Recovery, Health, Employment and Solidarity.

Starting to invest can be scary for many people, and with good reason. Without a solid foundation of knowledge, adventure can seem tricky. But Mon Petit Placement does not leave you alone in nature. In fact, an advisor helps you develop your investment strategy so that you can see more clearly. Something to reassure more than one, that’s for sure. Sure, you always have the last word. It’s still your money, after all.

Next, you must communicate the amount you wish to invest and the topics that interest you so that Mon Petit Placement takes care of the rest. Very easy !

With Mon Petit Placement, you no longer need to have 100,000 euros to benefit from premium financial products. 300 euros and 10 minutes are enough to access the best high-end investments. Even better, we managed to negotiate a 30% reduction in their commissions in the first year thanks to the promotional code GEEK30. We advise you to take advantage of it quickly, it is only valid for a few hours…

I take advantage of the Mon Petit Placement offer

How do I open my Mon Petit Placement account and get started?

If you need more elements of reinsurance, know that Mon Petit Placement is backed by two renowned insurers, Apicil and Generali. Also, unlike other players who are paid regardless of their clients’ performance, Mon Petit Placement only win if you win. Are your investments profitable? Well, the start-up is paid. On the other hand, if they don’t act, she doesn’t take commissions. it is then hand to hand work so everyone can win.

How to open your account at Mon Petit Placement? You’ll see, it’s easy!

  • Go to the Mon Petit Placement website by clicking the button here:

I open a Mon Petit Placement account

  • Click the button “I am beginning” up to the right
  • Enter your email address, a unique password and the promotional code GEEK30
  • Click on “I sign
  • Discover the first personalized video advice delivered by one of the Mon Petit Placement experts, free and without obligation

Of course, you can adapt your strategy with your advisor whenever you want and you can customize your investments as you see fit. If the markets are falling, there is no need to panic as an alert system informs you live and an advisor contacts you quickly to deal with the situation.

Before you join the adventure, please note thatIn investing, risks and returns are closely related.. In this way, Mon Petit Placement offers you an investment adapted to your objectives but also (and above all) to the risk you are willing to assume and the desired return. Startup experts accompany you and guide you to make the right decisions and minimize risk while maximizing the profit potential of your investment.

Last point, and no less important: you can get your money back whenever you want, without justification on your part. Do you feel ready to invest in the best premium financial products with Mon Petit Placement?

I take advantage of the Mon Petit Placement offer

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