Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
We tested the Xiaomi connected fryer, with Google Assistant and OLED screen

Officially marketed at a price of 129 euros (although it is often below 100 euros), the Mi Smart Air Fryer is Xiaomi’s first fryer. His concept amused us so much that we wanted to offer you his test video.

A Xiaomi connected fryer, all white, with Google Assistant, a round OLED screen, Wi-Fi and microwave mode… Was this product designed for us? When we discovered the existence of the Mi Smart Air Fryer, we immediately imagined trying it. Xiaomi, used to connecting everything and anything, is facing French fries this time. Impossible for the twisted minds of Numerama to miss this incredible technical sheet!

worth Mi Smart Air Fryer ? To find out, we decided to cook homemade chips, mozza sticks and salmon fillets with the deep fryer that Xiaomi sells for about 100 euros. For the occasion, Numerama’s YouTube channel is transformed into a cooking channel.

An almost normal fryer

How much is the Mi Smart Air Fryer worth? First, we found his entire connected arsenal to be very optional. If the fryer connects well to Wi-Fi, it sometimes has trouble communicating its status to the app Xiaomi home, which prevents us from knowing where the cooking is. So the recipes offered by Xiaomi do not seem all capable of setting up the fryer well. The one for French fries, for example, does not put the appliance at the correct temperature and prevents the potatoes from cooking correctly. Paradoxically, it is best to configure the fryer by hand, with its OLED screen or smartphone. Google Assistant only allows you to turn the fryer on or off. Nothing more.

We tested the Xiaomi connected fryer, with Google Assistant and OLED screen
Xiaomi fryer and Numerama chips. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

However, at 100 euros, we liked the Mi Smart Air Fryer. Its all-white design is already perfect for more casual uses. Xiaomi’s fryer is prettier than many competitors. It’s not a real oil fryer though, but more of a convection oven, which explains why not everything cooks evenly inside.

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