Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
We play with Xiaomi's robot dog and it can't do anything

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​​​Xiaomi presents its CyberDog robot dog. For now, it’s more of a toy than a true technological breakthrough.

Smartphones, tablets and PCs are often seen at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. When we are tired of always meeting the same things, we can give up at Xiaomi booth. In the midst of dozens of smartphones, the Chinese manufacturer exhibits its transparent television, its fryer, its vacuum cleaners, its scooters and… its robot dog. In fact, Xiaomi is at the origin. of the CyberDog projectexhibiting for the first time in Barcelona.

A $1,500 demo

What about CyberDog? Strangely, he is quite cute. Aesthetically very close to the Boston Dynamics robots, on which he is inspired, Xiaomi’s electronic dog is still a prototype. The model we saw in Barcelona can do two things: walk and sit. Other features, like the ability to somersault, respond to voice commands, or execute commands, will come later.

Ultimately, Xiaomi imagines real things for your dog. For example, the brand dreams of turning him into a pet for people with disabilities, who could use it to carry objects or fetch things (he supports up to 3 kilos). Xiaomi also imagines a robot dog capable of detecting a fall and calling the authorities. Everything works as an open project, it’s up to the developers to come up with new features.

We play with Xiaomi's robot dog and it can't do anything
The Xiaomi CyberDog sees the world through cameras. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

For now, it is not possible to adopt a CyberDog. Xiaomi mentions the price of $1,500, but it is reserved for companies that want to work on the project. Until its possible commercialization, it is to be hoped that the robot dog has improved.


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