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Top 3 Recent Smartphones of December 2021 on Frandroid

Here are the top 3 smartphones recently tested on Frandroid. In this month of December 2021, therefore, we are interested in the products that have recently passed into our hands during the month of November and that have stood out. Xiaomi, Realme and Honor are at the appointment.

The balance

7 / 10

Honor 50

  • OLED display and 120 Hz
  • Light design and very well finished.
  • Fast charging at 66 W

In case you were wondering, we have a buying guide to help you find the best smartphone to buy. At the same time, we also like to do a monthly review of recently tested products on Frandroid to stay up to date and see what might have been exciting lately.

The end of the year is not far off, but there was still time to put together a final top 3 of the best recent smartphones on Frandroid. These are devices tested during November and that we can suddenly advance to start the month of December 2021.

8 / 10

Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro

  • Good performance and 5G
  • Efficient charging
  • Good value for money

Available in € 229 on Aliexpress

It will not surprise us by stating that the Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro offers very good value for money. Its 90 Hz display is well calibrated, its 33 W load pulses well, its performance is uncluttered … Also, even if the design of its photo unit is on the back – marked by a large Poco logo and making it look that there are four sensors instead of two: it leaves something to be desired, the finishes are very good. Let’s not forget the 5G compatibility of this model either.

However, it will be necessary to deal with a slightly lower photo quality and an MIUI interface that may lack clarity (but very rich in customization options).

7 / 10

Realme 8i

  • 120 Hz display
  • Great autonomy
  • Neat interface

Available in € 169 at Amazon

Dogs are not cats. The Realme 8i thus honors its lineage as a very competitively priced smartphone. For a price under $ 200, we end up with a 120Hz display and excellent battery life. The interface of Realme UI is always very popular, although we will appreciate the sobriety effort made by the manufacturer in terms of design.

Obviously with such a low price there are tradeoffs. Here, you have to take into account perfectible photo quality or not flawless performance.

7 / 10

Honor 50

  • OLED display and 120 Hz
  • Light design and very well finished.
  • Fast charging at 66 W

Available in € 399 in RED by SFR

The Honor 50 marks the return of its brand since it became independent from Huawei. So once again we are evolving on familiar ground with pre-built Google services. Beyond that, this smartphone shines with its very light design, particularly pleasant in the hand and with quality finishes. Added to this is a visually pleasing 120Hz OLED display and decent battery life with the help of a 66W fast charge that invigorates the device as it should.

We may regret some shortcomings in the photo, despite this, the Honor 50 seduces with its effective night mode. In short, it is a balanced smartphone, without major flaws.

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This article was translated from this source written by Omar Belkaab

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