Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
This Xiaomi connected speaker (with Google Assistant) is currently on sale

[Deal du jour] Cdiscount offers a reduction of €10 on the Xiaomi Smart Speaker connected speaker. A small price for an efficient speaker, compatible with Google Cast.

  • What is this smart speaker? The Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control has a simple and clean design. Elegant and compact, it will find its perfect place in a living room or any other room. It has an LED screen with adaptive brightness and it is possible to place it in a bedroom without its light disturbing. Thus, thanks to its connected bedside alarm clock function, you can set the alarm so that it wakes you up with the music you prefer. But do not expect a powerful alarm clock, with the sound of your favorite rock band. Indeed, on the audio side, the power delivered by the Xiaomi Smart Speaker is not necessarily there, with the mids a bit behind. Fortunately, Xiaomi offers the possibility to connect two Smart Speakers for stereo playback or to create a multi-room system.
  • Is this Xiaomi speaker a good deal? For less than €40 it is of course a very good deal. The device is compatible with Google Cast, to transmit sound wirelessly, in a simple way. Equipped with the Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to control it. To listen to music, through different streaming platforms such as Deezer or Spotify, or turn the volume up and down. The smart speaker also lets you control your TV and other connected devices, thanks to an infrared transmitter. Transformed into a voice remote control, the Xiaomi speaker can control home appliances by voice. With Bluetooth compatibility, you’ll also be able to connect your smartphone or tablet. Finally, if you don’t want to use your voice, the Smart Speaker has buttons to change the music track, pause, or manage the built-in microphone.
Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control music
The IR control of the Xiaomi smart speaker. Source: Xiaomi.

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