Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
The Xiaomi Wi-Fi repeater is back at less than 10 euros (-50%)!

You need to send your Wi-Fi network to another room inexpensively. This Wi-Fi repeater costs less than 10 euros at Boulanger, but be careful, the stock is limited!

For less than 10 euros, the My Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro, Xiaomi’s Wi-Fi Repeater, only offers basic functionality, but is still a simple and very inexpensive way to bring Wi-Fi where it is needed for common uses such as streaming video or simply browsing the Web. Its theoretical speed of 300 Mb / s is sufficient for these uses, but it will not necessarily be ideal for downloading large files or playing online games. You’ll find it less than 10 euros (-50%) at Boulanger !

I accept the offer

The Xiaomi repeater in detail

This router offers 2020 basic tech specs, the main reason being that it only provides 2.4GHz Wi-Fi “n”. Most of today’s Wi-Fi equipment offer the “ac” or even the latest “ax” standard, also known as Wi-Fi 6 under the new nomenclature. To repeat the latter, this Xiaomi repeater offers Wi-Fi 4. It is a bit dated in 2021, but rest assured, in terms of Wi-Fi, “who can do more, can do less”, so you can do it. . .connect all recent devices.

The old standard offers theoretical speeds of 300 Mb / s, which means that if you have a strong fiber connection, at 1 Gb / s, you will not be able to return to full speed. But if you buy a Wi-Fi repeater, it is probably because you have poor network reception in one place … and therefore your speed is not 300 Mb / s. With its basic technical characteristics, this repeater is not Anyway, specially designed for advanced uses, the idea is mainly to bring Wi-Fi where it is not used for browsing or watching content. For that it will be more than enough.

The typical example will be a room where your tablet does not connect well, or in a kitchen to follow recipes, or a garage where we touch up to follow tutorials for example. The configuration is relatively easy and goes through a mobile application available in English. However, remember one thing: a repeater can only repeat what it receives, so it should not be placed directly in the room where it is not or badly received, but just before.

I accept the offer

This article was translated from this source written by Gregori Pujol

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