Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Promotion Amazon

Looking for the perfect connected bracelet? You have come to the right place as the price of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has just dropped drastically on Amazon!

This promotion is very interesting given that the update made by the Chinese manufacturer between the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and the Mi Band 6 is minimal. By getting the penultimate connected bracelet from Xiaomi, you will benefit from nano monitoring and the functions to control your smartphone remotely (SMS, music, calls, etc.). Besides that, you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 at Amazon for € 19.90 instead of € 49.99, which is a nice reduction of € 30.09.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

One, two, three, Gooooo

If the Mi Band gem has marked a generation, it is not in vain. Xiaomi’s connected bracelet has allowed many athletes (high level or more casual) to carefully monitor their physical activities.

Indeed, with the help of the various sensors and tracking systems of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, you will never again be able to waste a single crumb of your efforts. Once you have finished your activity, all you have to do is go to the bracelet to analyze it, or go to your smartphone. The latter will allow you, thanks to the application, to learn much more about the efforts made by your body.

As for the application, it is completely free and is available in the main application stores such as Google Play Store and App Store.

As for the characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the latter has a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen of excellent quality. As for the sensors, this Mi Band 5 has a three-axis accelerometer in addition to gyroscopic ones.

As we said in our test of the connected bracelet, the battery recovers a very good autonomy, if not excellent: it has a 33% loss in a week. Two hours of charging will be enough to recharge the Xiaomi Band 5 from 0% to 100%.

Besides that, you can wear it on a daily basis thanks to the colored bracelets that can brilliantly complement your dressing style to go unnoticed. What else can we say apart: opt for the Xiaomi Band 5, it is still, at the time of writing this article, an excellent investment. Xiaomi’s connected bracelet is currently on sale at Amazon for € 19.90 instead of € 49.99, which is a nice reduction of -60%.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

This article was translated from this source written by Gabriel Foffano

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