Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
The Xiaomi 12 Ultra should not create surprise in the photo

According to the predictions of Digital Chat Station, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra should take up more or less the same photographic configuration of its predecessor. While a 192-megapixel sensor was potentially expected.

Xiaomi 12ultra

Source: Let’s Go Digital

While the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12X have revealed all their secrets, except for their French price, which we are still waiting for, the Ultra version is the youngest in the range that still resists. Which is normal, as Xiaomi has a habit of revealing it to the general public in an unconventional way.

Remember: last year, the Mi 11 Ultra was formalized in March, while the Xiaomi Mi 11 and company were launched in France in February. In short, wait a few more months before the Xiaomi 12 Ultra appears. And until then, all we can do is keep an eye out for leaks about him.

No big change?

This is good, since the filter Digital chat station (via Weibo), very active in Xiaomi news, thinks he knows the future photographic configuration of the Ultra. And for those hoping for big changes, disappointment might be in order as the Chinese manufacturer should show conservatism from one generation to the next.

Xiaomi 12ultra

Source: Let’s Go Digital

Without explicitly citing the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, but instead publishing a photo of the Mi 11 Ultra, Digital Chat Station mentions a 50 + 48 + 48 megapixel triple camera, which could correspond to the main, ultra wide angle and telephoto sensor, respectively. . Or the same configuration as the previous generation.


Designed with Samsung, the first named was also 1/1.12-inch in size, the largest sensor on the market at the time. In the idea, therefore, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra should use this same formula if we base ourselves on the elements of the Digital Chat Station.

However, these statements must be taken with a grain of salt. filter in question not always being exemplary in these predictions. It could even be thought that the interested party is contradicting himself in relation to his responsibilities.

Xiaomi 12ultra

Source: Let’s Go Digital

In June 2021, Digital Chat Station suggested that Xiaomi’s next high-end phone, the Ultra, in this case, could be entitled to a 192-pixel sensor, combined with a new imaging process. pixel binning even more sophisticated. Except his press release for the day shows that he thinks otherwise.

Four sensors in the rear?

In addition, other hallway noises rely on a quad photosensor, in particular made up of two optical zoom lenses. But, again, these omens come to us directly from a filter he has yet to prove himself.

We can still expect Xiaomi to change providers for the integration of its main sensor, as was the case with the Xiaomi 12 Pro: a Sony IMX707, and no longer a Samsung Isocell GN2, remember android authority. But otherwise, the deal couldn’t change much.

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