Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
The Xiaomi 12 Pro as good in photos as the Galaxy S22 Ultra according to DXOMARK

DxOMark, the benchmark laboratory for testing smartphone photosensors, has given its verdict on the new Xiaomi 12 Pro. And the results of Xiaomi’s premium smartphone are quite good…

The Xiaomi 12 Pro as good in photos as the Galaxy S22 Ultra according to DXOMARK
The relatively sober photo block of the Xiaomi 12 Pro // Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

Xiaomi has ventured into the very high-end segment with its 12 Pro model. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, triple 50 megapixel sensor, Herman signature sound, 120 W charge, 120 Hz QHD screen… the least we can say is that the new Xiaomi smartphone has serious arguments in its favor. In our full test, we judged that it was very successful, albeit with some small weak points, among which we count the photo. What does the French laboratory DxOMark say, which has studied the subject in detail and Today he revealed his results?

The Xiaomi 12 Pro is strong in photos

The Xiaomi 12 Pro gets an overall photo score of 131 and is therefore ranked 14th among the best photophones according to DxOMark. Therefore, it does less than the Huawei P50 Pro (144), the iPhone 13 Pro (137), or the Pixel 6 Pro (135). But surprise, on the other hand, it achieves the same score as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and does slightly better than the iPhone 13 (130).

The laboratory thus notes an improvement compared to the previous generation. The device is a good student in managing exposure and colors in shots, as well as autofocus and stabilization in video. Like us, DxOMark especially praises its good performance in night photos. However, there are some weak points to be aware of: the presence of artifacts and noise in high-contrast scenes, less effective zooming at medium and long distances, and noise in low-light video.

Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, the Xiaomi 12 Pro therefore does not live up to the photo. The lab, on the other hand, placed the 12 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra back to back, their scores are similar: each device has its strengths and weaknesses, but overall, DxOMark claims Xiaomi’s model performs better for outdoor photos. instant.

A good student in the audio sheet music.

The audio score of the Xiaomi 12 Pro is 70: for example, it is worse than the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, released in 2020. On the audio side, the 12 Pro is still worse than the iPhone 13 and 12, as well as the Pixel. . 6. The lab notes that overall the phone has no major flaws at this point, with strong points being stereo handling and good tonal balance, even at high listening volumes. The device also stands out for its particularly good audio recording capabilities… except for situations like concerts. It should be noted, however, that the location of the microphones was considered irrelevant by the lab, as they could easily be covered by fingers.

Therefore, the Xiaomi 12 Pro is doing very well overall after the battery of tests carried out by DxOMark. Its performance can above all be compared with that of its competitors in the same segment. So if in general it works as well as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it nevertheless costs around 150 euros less. Instead, a Pixel 6 Pro, which gets better scores on DxOMark, is offered at a lower price…

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This article was translated from this source written by Juliette Rivière

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