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The best smartphones for less than 100 euros in January 2022

Difficult to find decent smartphones for less than 100 euros without a subscription. We’ve figured it out to help you find the best phone possible at the lowest price. 100 euros is the minimum budget to install a new smartphone.

The best smartphones for less than 100 euros: the top 3

Android Go Made in France

Wiko Power U10

  • An immense autonomy of 5000 mAh
  • 6.82 inch LCD screen
  • More RAM and better battery life

our choice

Xiaomi Redmi 9A

  • A huge 5000 mAh battery
  • MediaTek Helio G25 processor
  • Modern design

The market for smartphones below 100 euros is not exactly flourishing. We are not going to lie to ourselves, although these are much more functional than a few years ago, reaching such low prices requires great sacrifices.

If you can, we strongly recommend that you invest 20 or 30 euros more and go into our guide to smartphones below 200 euros. You will find much more efficient models, but above all they will be much more durable in the long term. A good way to free up this budget is to switch to a no-obligation mobile offer at a knockout price.

If this is not possible, some models are doing better than others by offering better equipped technical sheets than others (or “less worse” if you are one of those who sees the glass as half empty). Here are our recommendations.

To get a broader look at the current market, head over to our comparison of the best smartphones. And if you’re looking for a phone for the little ones, don’t hesitate to take a look at our selection of smartphones for teenagers.

  • A huge 5000 mAh battery
  • MediaTek Helio G25 processor
  • Modern design

Available in €139 in Cdiscount

Xiaomi continues its momentum in the low-cost smartphone sector with its Redmi 9A, launched in the summer of 2020. It is a version that takes some points from the Redmi 8A, which we have already recommended in this guide. The Redmi 9A sometimes exceeds 100 euros, but sometimes falls below this budget.

What are the best smartphones for less than 100 euros in 2022?

The screen expands to 6.53 inches compared to 6.22 on the Redmi 8A. Like the latter, the screen adopts a modern design with a notch” water drop» and thinner borders, which will make videos easier to read. Note also the presence offace unlockthat allows unlocking the smartphone with facial recognition.

It has a MediaTek Helio G25 processor with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage via microSD. Obviously, this setting won’t work miracles, but it should allow you to use common smartphone features without too much slowdown. Unfortunately, this will not be enough to play demanding 3D games and enjoy them to the fullest. On the photo side, the single dorsal sensor gains 1 megapixel compared to the Redmi 8A to go up to 13 megapixels. For selfies, the front sensor has 5 megapixels. With these two sensors, the images will not be the sharpest in all situations, but it will be enough to use without too many sharpness requirements.

On the other hand, and this is its main strength, the Redmi 9A has a large, high-performance 5,000 mAh battery that should give you more than two days of autonomy. Xiaomi even announces 34 days of autonomy in standby mode. A champion !

  • android 10
  • good autonomy
  • Well done

Available in €99 at Fnac

Motorola has the merit of being one of the few manufacturers that still offers smartphones at a decent low price with its E series. The E7i Power is the latest offspring and highlights an excellent autonomy achieved thanks to its 5000 mAh battery.

What are the best smartphones for less than 100 euros in 2022?

The integration of such a battery has consequences since the phone still weighs 200 grams. Add to that a 6.5-inch screen with thick borders and you have a relatively bulky device. Among the strong points, we highlight the presence of a fingerprint reader on the back and an IP52 certification (splash). On the configuration side, there is an octacore processor accompanied by 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. A microSD slot is also included to expand this.

It’s not a miracle, so in terms of performance, the built-in Android 10 isn’t the most responsive, but it’s enough for basic use. In terms of battery life, the phone performs well, with more than two days of use on a single charge.

Motorola delivers a basic but functional smartphone here, which has a decent finish and relatively recent Android. Hard to ask for more for its price!

  • An immense autonomy of 5000 mAh
  • 6.82 inch LCD screen
  • More RAM and better battery life

Available in €99 at Fnac

The manufacturer Wiko is regularly the butt of jokes about its products. However, it is clear that the manufacturer is still present on the shelves of France. The brand specializes in more affordable phones and among the models sold below 100 euros, here is the Wiko Power U10.

What are the best smartphones for less than 100 euros in 2022?

Of course, don’t expect a war machine within the spec sheet. A MediaTek Helio A25 processor provides animation with its 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, elements that ensure proper operation on a day-to-day basis as long as you do not require the use of resource-intensive software. The battery charged at 5000 mAh guarantees constant autonomy for two full days. This is also the real strong point of this smartphone at a low price. A 15W fast charge is also integrated.

For the software part, Android 11 is in the game. Above all, the interface is under Android Go. Let’s also mention the touch interface with a 6.82-inch LCD panel. A 60 Hz refresh was also implemented for everyday use.

The Wiko Power U10 is a good smartphone that is sold for less than 100 euros.

Things you should know before buying a smartphone for less than 100 euros

Before buying a smartphone for less than 100 euros, many questions may cross your mind. We have listed some of them here with answers that we hope will shed some light on you.

💡 What can you do with a smartphone under 100 euros?

At this price, there is no miracle. References less than 100 euros are considered extra smartphones intended mainly for carrying out simple tasks. There are still some honest and affordable devices out there for smaller budgets. They often have the peculiarity of running on Android Go, the light version of Android that requires minimal resources. However, we advise you to review your budget upwards and opt for a smartphone for less than 200 euros if you plan to keep it for several months.

🤔 What concessions should I make with a cheap smartphone?

We are not going to hide it from you: manufacturers are forced to make significant concessions in all the features to get a functional terminal for less than 100 euros. The screen in general does not exceed the HD + definition, the performance is minimal and the part of the photo is clearly anecdotal. However, they do meet the criteria for basic smartphone use, ie calling, messaging, checking email, and browsing the Internet. However, an impoverished technical sheet generally allows them to offer good autonomy.

👍 What are the trusted brands under 100 euros?

Few manufacturers offer solutions for less than 100 euros, so new references are rarely renewed in this segment. The main players in the market that do not forget about small wallets are actually two: Xiaomi and Nokia. They offer basic but functional terminals, usually with a light operating system.

📶 What cheap package to take with my cheap smartphone?

Now that you’ve saved money on your smartphone, you can also save money on your package by switching to non-binding offers. Find the best prices of the moment thanks to our mobile plan comparator.

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This article was translated from this source written by François Arias

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