Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
The 256 GB version of the Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet is finally on sale

The Xiaomi Pad 5 is a tablet that makes few concessions in terms of technical features, at a more affordable price than its competitors. Today, the Chinese manufacturer lowers the price of the 256 GB version, which goes from 449.90 euros to 409.90 euros.

The 256 GB version of the Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet is finally on sale

In recent years, the manufacturer Xiaomi has become the largest in the smartphone market, and wants to repeat its experience in the touch pad sector. By presenting its Xiaomi Pad 5, the Chinese firm wants to deliver a solid product with the best possible value for money. Your tablet thus benefits from your know-how and has good arguments against the competition. On the occasion of the sales, the 256 GB model of the Xiaomi Pad 5 it loses 40 euros of its price and becomes more interesting.

What does the Xiaomi Pad 5 offer?

  • A 120Hz WQHD+ display
  • Great performance thanks to the Snapdragon 860
  • Durable enough to last two or three days.

Offered at a price of 449.90 euros for the 6 + 256 GB version, the Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet becomes more affordable goes to 409.90 euros using code NEW XIAOMI on the official website.

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An affordable tablet that has the answer.

If you are not attracted to Apple brand tablets, there are alternatives to Android and among them we find the Xiaomi Pad 5. The latter is one of the most obvious choices, as it has a technical sheet worthy of a premium tablet, but without the high price. We are entitled to an excellent 11-inch LCD screen, which shows a WQHD + definition of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. This provides good immersion in video content, especially as the tablet supports Dolby Vision (HDR) and Dolby Atmos to ensure a good audio experience. And if, unfortunately, the screen is not OLED, it is still offered with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, for better fluidity in general.

If navigation is smooth, Xiaomi offers a powerful tablet for everyday use. To do this, it incorporates the powerful Snapdragon 860 supported by 6 GB of RAM, the same processor that the Poco X3 Pro is currently equipped with. With such a configuration, the tablet is very efficient and without slowdowns, whether to perform multiple tasks, or even launch games. 3D with maximum graphics in some cases. In our test, the benchmarks even showed the Pad 5 to be more powerful than Samsung’s Galaxy S7 FE, but at a considerably higher price. Add to that Android 11 and the brand’s internal interface, and you get an iOS-like experience, thanks to certain features, including the control center, which is inspired by Apple’s internal operating system.

with few concessions

In addition, the new Xiaomi tablet closely resembles the design of the Cupertino company’s high-end tablets, with well-rounded edges and thin borders around the screen. The product goes to the essential, emphasizing simplicity and sobriety, but enjoys beautiful finishes. However, on the photography side, it will struggle to compete with the iPad, which has the benefit of offering a LiDAR sensor. You’ll find a simple 13-megapixel main sensor on the back, as well as an 8-megapixel sensor on the front, enough for occasional video calls.

Finally, to keep up, Xiaomi incorporates an 8,720 mAh battery. A large capacity that ensures good insurance for the tablet with a use of more than two days, depending on your use. This remains in the average of the tablets on the market, where, for example, a 30-minute Fortnite game will only make you lose 7%. Charging is done through its USB-C port, but don’t trust the speed too much, as it will take just over two hours to be at 100%.

To find out even more, feel free to read our Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet review.

8 /10

XiaomiPad 5

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