Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
Smartphone sales: the decline continues, but Samsung and Apple are doing well

According to a new report from Canalys, the global smartphone market posted a third consecutive quarterly decline, this time by 9%. Samsung and Apple still manage to grab valuable market share.

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Since the beginning of 2022, smartphone sales have been doing poorly. The third trimester is no exception to the rule, as highlighted by the latest report of Canalys: sales fell 9% year-on-year, after an 11% drop in the first quarter.

This decline is the third in a row for the current crop. Worse yet, Canalys even believes that the months just past July, August and September represent the worst quarter since 2014. This drop can be explained by a simple reason: the economic situation and the inflationary context are holding back sales.

juggling inventory

Consumers preferred to postpone their purchases, or even cancel them. Above all, this negative trend should continue for the next six to nine months, Canalys estimates. For their part, smartphone manufacturers have had to show flexibility and control to manage the evolution of demand on the one hand, and their stocks on the other.

For most manufacturers, the priority is to reduce the risk of inventory build-up in the face of falling demand. Manufacturers had significant inventory through July, but sales gradually increased beginning in September thanks to promotions and other aggressive discounting.», analyzes Amber Liu, from Canalys.

And to continue:The pricing strategy for new products is carefully thought out, even for Apple, to avoid any disproportionate reaction from consumers, who are often very sensitive to any price increase.“, we can read in the report.

Apple hoards more

Apple, precisely, is one of the winners of this third quarter, having gained 3 points of market share from one year to the next: 18% in 3Q 2022, compared to 15% in 3Q 2021. Sales of new iPhones in September probably helped on his layover.

Same song on the side of Samsung, which remains in the lead with a 22% market share, compared to 21% last year, a virtual stagnation. Xiaomi maintains its positions with 14% of PDM, when Oppo (with OnePlus) falls from 11 to 10%. Vivo is the one with the greatest drop, from 11 to 9%.

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