Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
Smartphone brands are experiencing the crisis, except for one that resists - Frandroid

It is clear that Apple resists, despite everything. The latest figures for the smartphone market show a drop in all manufacturers, except Apple, which is taking the opportunity to increase its market share.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro // Source: Anthony Wonner for Frandroid

After the sad observation we made about the PC market, “There is no hangover for Apple”, where manufacturers are having a hard time (except Apple). The observation is the same for the smartphone market. As recent studies show, the smartphone market suffers from the same ills.

A market as low as in 2014

The overall smartphone market fell 12% year-on-year, although it grew 2% quarter-on-quarter to reach 301 million units sold in the third quarter of 2022.

Source: IDC

Apple was the only smartphone brand in the top five to see year-over-year volume growth, with sales up about 2%, driving market share. between 16 and 17% according to studies.

Source: Counterpoint

Samsung sales fell 8% year-on-year but rose 5% quarter-on-quarter to 64 million. Finally, Chinese manufacturers are suffering from the confinement imposed in China in the context of Covid-19.

Source: Strategy Analysis

Most of the market decline has come from emerging markets where lack of demand, rising costs and inflation have affected consumption.

Apple does not know (yet) the crisis

In the fourth quarter of its exercise, Apple registered 90,000 million dollars of billing, for 20,700 million benefits. With 42,600 million dollars only for the iPhone, Apple is not experiencing the crisis, since we are talking about a growth of +9.67% only for iPhone sales. We can say that the iPhone 13 range has sold well, and that the launch of the iPhone 14 has started well.

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