Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
Mon Petit Placement

The best financial products at ridiculous entry costs? This is what Mon Petit Placement offers, the future of investment. Your portfolios are subject to market fluctuations with a possible risk of loss of capital.

Since its launch two years ago, Mon Petit Placement has established itself as the next investment leader for individuals. The Lyon startup opens the door to high-end financial products, generally aimed at a privileged clientele.

Its objective ? Democratize premium investment with individualsLike you, like us In this sense, Mon Petit Placement presents four portfolios and one 12% average return in the Intrepide portfolio in 2021. There is something to dream about, as long as you feel a little bold and open to market risk.

Contrary to what is usually done, 300 euros is enough to access premium financial products traditionally reserved for the elite.

I Discover My Little Placement

The best accessible premium financial products

Mon Petit Placement opens the door to high-end investments for as many people as possible. Enough to outshine the Livret A and other “classic” savings books, which are not necessarily models of profitability but guaranteed capital. Lyon fintech guides you to invest better and grow your capital. However, please note that their solutions are subject to market risks. Furthermore, Mon Petit Placement proves to be a good compromise against cryptocurrencies, offering less volatile and longer-term investments.

The objective of Mon Petit Placement is invest, diversify and enhance your capital. Therefore, you can invest in various themes, according to your values: Equality, Employment, Climate, Solidarity, Health, Recovery or even Technology.

Mon Petit Placement is well aware that embarking on an investment can be scary, as The Lyon fintech will not leave you alone in the middle of nature. An advisor supports you in developing his investment strategy and allows you to see things a little more clearly. If your lack of knowledge of the financial markets is blocking you, this help should allow you to remove this obstacle. Note however that you always have the last wordwell, obviously.

Then you just have to express the amount you want to invest and in what topics, so that Mon Petit Placement takes care of the rest. It’s as simple as that…

If access to these premium financial products usually requires paying 100,000 euros in entry fees, Mon Petit Placement requires only 300 euros and 10 minutes of your time. The icing on the cake, we managed to negotiate a 30% reduction in your commissions the first year with the code GEEK30. It is only valid for a few hours, we recommend that you take advantage of it quickly.

I take advantage of the Mon Petit Placement offer

How do I open my Mon Petit Placement account and get started?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to remember that Mon Petit Placement is backed by two renowned insurers: Apicil and Generali. Two tokens of confidence welcome… Also, unlike other players who are paid regardless of their clients’ performance, Mon Petit Placement works hand in hand with you. If your investments pay off, the startup wins. If your investments do not work out, Mon Petit Placement does not charge commissions. The goal is for everyone to win.

How to open your account at Mon Petit Placement? You’ll see, it’s easy.

  • Go to the Mon Petit Placement website by clicking the button here:

I open a Mon Petit Placement account

  • Click the button “I am beginning” up to the right
  • Enter your email address, a unique password and the promotional code GEEK30
  • Click on “I sign”
  • Discover the first personalized video advice delivered by one of the Mon Petit Placement experts, free and without obligation

Of course, you can customize your investments whenever you want and modify your strategy at any time. If the markets fall, don’t panic: an alert system informs you and an advisor contacts you quickly to deal with the situation.

Before starting, we advise you to take into account thatIn investing, risks and returns are closely related.. Mon Petit Placement thus offers you an investment that adapts to your objectives but also to the risk you are willing to take and the desired return. Lyon’s fintech experts guide you in making the right decisions and minimizing risk while maximizing the potential return on your investment.

Finally, know that you can get your money back whenever you want, without justification on your part. What to keep reassuring… So, are you ready to invest with Mon Petit Placement?

I take advantage of the Mon Petit Placement offer

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