Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
Apple Dynamic Island

It wasn’t long before Dynamic Island landed on Android. A developer has created a feature that is aesthetically close to what the iPhone 14 Pro offers.

the Dynamic Island is the new sensation from Apple on the iPhone 14 Pro. These models, which contain most of the novelties, dispense with the notch to offer a “dynamic island”. The function attracts attention and arouses curiosity, seamlessly integrating into the system who found a way to take advantage of a material constraint.

As is often the case, the latest Apple release is expected to be copied. A developer committed to recreates the Dynamic Island experience on Xiaomi smartphones. She created a new topic called “Grumpy UI” which comes to modify the interface of the MIUI overlay. In a short video shared on Twitter, Vaibhav Jain introduces his theme using the famous Dynamic Island feature. The “dynamic island” is placed in the upper left of the screen to adapt to the punch of the device. We can see an area that could be expanded to offer certain functions, such as controlling music or displaying a full message.

Its developer confirms to have received manufacturer’s approval Chinese. However, the latter would have rejected an earlier attempt to bring Dynamic Island to his devices. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download this theme which only seems to work on Chinese versions. It should also be noted that this is only a first copy showing above all that feature has some potential on android. However, the integration isn’t as deep as it is on the iPhone 14 Pro and it’s no surprise.

Xiaomi Dynamic Island
Just announced, Dynamic Island is already copied on an Android smartphone. © Vaibhav Jain/Twitter

Android devices do not need Dynamic Island

Android smartphones have taken a different twistt from Apple’s, preferring to opt for a hit. This accommodates the front camera and is as discreet as possible, some manufacturers even dare to have the camera under the screen. In contrast, the iPhone has a lot of sensors on the front and it can’t imitate its competitors unless it leaves out some major features. The Dynamic Island, therefore, allows to circumvent this restriction, but the presence of such a function in Android would be of much less interest. Also, Android smartphone makers will find it hard to impose such a feature if Google doesn’t adapt its operating system accordingly.

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This article was translated from this source written by Thomas Estimbre

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