Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
iPhone 13: Apple crushes the competition in the smartphone market

In April 2022, Apple dominated global smartphone sales. Its iPhone 13 sold better than any other smartphone, confirming the success of the Apple brand. She places five of her models in the top 10 globally.

The iPhone 13 are the best-selling smartphones in the world, relegating the competition far behind. In the smartphone market, there has always been Apple and the rest of the world with many manufacturers running Android. The latest figures from the analysis firm Counterpoint confirm once again that Apple’s phone dominates sales, and not a little.

As of April 2022, the iPhone accounted for 5.5% of smartphone sales worldwide. The classic model is popular with consumers, doing much better than the second and third 13 Pro Max (3.4%) and 13 Pro (1.8%) variants respectively. The success is there for the iPhone 13 and Apple is not satisfied with occupying the first three places. At the foot of the podium, the iPhone 12 ranks fourth (1.6%) and confirms the overwhelming dominance of the brand.

The list of the 10 best-selling smartphones in April 2022 even includes another successful model with an apple. Recently launched, the small iPhone SE 2022 makes a niche for itself and ranks seventh by accounting for 1.4 of sales.

Samsung resists, Xiaomi sneaks into the top 10 in extremis

Apple’s eternal rival in this market is called Samsung and that hasn’t changed much. The South Korean manufacturer is doing better than resisting and can boast of occupying four places in the ranking. Its flagship model, the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G represents 1.5% of sales and appears in fifth place. It is ahead of the Galaxy A13 (1.4%) while the Galaxy A03 Core (1.4% of sales) and the Galaxy A53 5G (1.3%) are eighth and ninth respectively. This ranking is also a confirmation of Samsung’s success in the entry-level and mid-range segment. The firm is committed to a very wide Galaxy A range to contain the Chinese competition.

Rising star Xiaomi manages to place its Redmi Note 11 in 10th place. The accessible smartphone represents 1.3% and highlights the success of this series with many variants. Like Counterpoint’s reminder, it is the size of the catalog that may explain the giant Apple’s advance on its pursuers.

Top 10 Counterpoint Smartphones of April 2022
© Counterpoint Research

The apple brand is based on a limited range compared to Samsung or Xiaomi. This allows you to place multiple models on the bestseller list. “Apple’s top 10 models accounted for 89% of its total sales for the month”says Counterpoint. And to add: “With a broader and more diverse portfolio, Samsung’s best-selling models only accounted for 22% of its total sales”.

5G smartphones are on the rise

Let us remember that a distinction must be made between the total sales of smartphones and the 10 best-selling devices. However, the 10 models mentioned have “captured 21% of the total smartphone market”, or just over a fifth. Inevitably, there is a growing interest in 5G compatible mobiles. “5G has become a standard feature on flagships [produits phares] and their presence also increases the lower price brackets”sign the signature.

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Smartphone sales at their lowest point since 2019 in Europe

Finally, it should be noted that the economic situation is weakening the results of the main smartphone manufacturers. In Europe, the firm Counterpoint mentioned Some days ago a 12% drop in sales. With 49 million smartphones sold in the first quarter of 2022, the Old Continent has returned to a level not seen since 2013. Many factors explain this drop in sales; such as inflation, component shortages, lockdowns in China, and war in Ukraine.

Despite this situation, Appel catches 62% of the premium market with their iPhones. Tim Cook’s company is far ahead of Samsung in this area, while Chinese manufacturers are struggling to establish themselves. The latter shine more in the segment of devices that are sold for less than 400 euros.

This article was translated from this source written by Thomas Estimbre

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