Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
In the photo, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra would be very close to the Mi 11 Ultra

New rumors about the Xiaomi 12 Ultra are emerging, and they allow us to learn more about what the photographic offer of the next Xiaomi premium smartphone will be.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra _ Trailer 0-33 screenshot
Source: Let’s Go Digital / Technizo Concept

A new rumor is emerging about the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, expected around May-June. This is a snapshot of a future phone case in which we can distinguish its possible photographic features.

A photographic offer similar to that of the Mi 11 Ultra

The photo is from the Weibo account. digital chat station. In this we can see the famous helmet that shows us a photographic module that would no longer be rectangular like last year, but rounded this time. Therefore, this would confirm this change in the layout of the photo block.

The shell also has inscriptions on the photo block where the words “120x, 12-120mm, f/1.95-4.1” can be read. The “12-120mm” here refers to the focal length this smartphone would cover between a 12mm ultra-wide angle and a 120mm 48MP telephoto lens. As for the mention “f / 1.95-4.1”, this would designate the apertures of the camera lenses that would go from the f / 1.95 aperture of the main sensor to the f / 4.1 telephoto lens.

All this coincides with the rumors that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra would take over all the sensors present in the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, although we could have expected to see some news to come and reinforce the photographic equipment.

The same sensors, but along with a better ISP

It is also rumored that the smartphone will arrive equipped with a new SoC from Qualcomm, probably the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus, but if the first 8 Gen 1 is still on the table. As a reminder, this chip would benefit from higher performance, but also from significant improvements in the image processing part with a new ISP (Image Signal Processor) that would allow it to generate better shots while maintaining the same photosensors as last year. . A partnership with the Leica brand could also be on the agenda for the photographic part.

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra should be launched in China first before being formalized here. It will likely be a few weeks between the two releases. The phone would be available in three different versions: one in ceramic, one in glass, and one with vegan leather on the back. Price level, no rumors on this topic have been leaked yet. As a reminder, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra was priced at 1,200 euros when it was launched.

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